Honourable Lanre Oyegbola Sodipo Receives Heartfelt Appreciation from Abeokuta North LG Ward 1

Abeokuta North Local Government Ward 1 comprising Ikereku, Ilawo, Ago-Odo, and Idomapa,represented by its dedicated ward executives and members, extends its deepest appreciation to Honourable Lanre Oyegbola Sodipo(LOS) for his recent visit and generous contributions to the community.

Honourable Lanre Oyegbola Sodipo, popularly known as LOS, made a significant impact on the residents of Ikereku, Ilawo, Ago-Odo, and Idomapa with his benevolent acts. During his visit, he not only extended his personal presence but also donated a borehole and a substantial sum of money totaling 400,000 Naira within two months,which have had a profound impact in the community and brought hope and relief to many families facing challenging circumstances.

His unwavering commitment to serving the people of Ward 1 is commendable, and his actions exemplify true leadership and compassion. Honourable Lanre Oyegbola Sodipo's dedication to improving the lives of those in need is an inspiration to us all.

The community's response to Honourable Lanre Oyegbola Sodipo's kindness has been overwhelming. Families facing hardship have found hope and relief through his contributions, which will have a lasting impact on the community's well-being.

In a statement released by the ward's secretary, Shogbiyanju Kazeem Olawale, Honourable Lanre Oyegbola Sodipo's dedication to serving the people and his commitment to improving lives have been highlighted. His selfless actions serve as an inspiration and a testament to his leadership and compassion.

The ward executives and members express their sincere gratitude to Honourable Lanre Oyegbola Sodipo for his unwavering support and generosity. They look forward to continued collaboration for the betterment of Ward 1 and its residents.