In response to recent allegations against Mr. Tokunbo Talabi, Secretary to the Governor of Ogun State, the Link Alliance for Youth Development and Empowerment (L.A.Y.D.E) stands united in recognizing him as a credible statesman and leader. As an independent group, L.A.Y.D.E with membership of professionals in different backgrounds  in I.T, Finance , Security services and  Forensic Accounting, we are pleased to present the findings of our independent investigation.

L.A.Y.D.E has diligently examined the allegations made against Mr. Tokunbo Talabi, and our investigation has uncovered the following facts:

Governorship Election Manipulation: Our investigation found no concrete evidence to substantiate the claim that Mr. Talabi manipulated the governorship election in Ogun State. The accusations lack substantial proof and appear to be politically motivated.

Fraud Allegations at Superflux Nigeria: Our analysis of Mr. Talabi's tenure at Superflux Nigeria up until 2019 revealed no indications of fraudulent activity. The allegations seem baseless and unfounded.

Illegal Ballot Printing: Our inquiry into the allegation of illegal ballot printing during the governorship election has demonstrated that such claims lack credibility. No verifiable evidence was presented to support this accusation.

Support from Governor of Ogun State: Contrary to the assertion that the Governor is solidly in support of Mr. Talabi, our investigation shows no undue influence on the Governor's part. The support for Mr. Talabi appears to be a result of his competence and dedication.

In light of our findings, we firmly believe that Mr. Tokunbo Talabi is being mischievously targeted by his accusers, who are likely being sponsored by the opposition party. We call for all parties involved to engage in constructive and respectful dialogue, as unfounded rumors can lead to unnecessary unrest within the state. Our society deserves a discourse based on integrity and truth rather than malicious resentment.

About L.A.Y.D.E:

The Link Alliance for Youth Development and Empowerment (L.A.Y.D.E) is committed to promoting good governance, advocating for credible candidates and fair elections, and maintaining a zero-tolerance stance against fraud. We work tirelessly to ensure security measures are in place to safeguard credible mandates. Furthermore, L.A.Y.D.E focuses on empowering and developing the youth, enhancing human capital index, and creating sustainable pathways to a brighter future.

We encourage the public and media to engage in a balanced and informed discussion about these matters. Let us uphold the values of transparency, accountability, and fairness, which are integral to the progress and prosperity of Ogun State.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Link Alliance for Youth Development and Empowerment (L.A.Y.D.E) Spokesperson 

Mustapha Olalekan



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