Breaking: Surulere In Disarray As Femi Gbajabiamila Anionts His Stooges To Take Charge Of Surulere Polity

It is no more news that the Chief of Staff to the President and the erstwhile speaker of the House of Representatives Rt. Hon Femi Gbajabiamila have vacated his position has representative of Surulere Constituency 1 but it is sad to know he still want the position by imposing a certain Mr Fuad Laguda who is the present LGA Chairman of party in Surulere, a man who have not for once contested for the position but for cheer greed and the domineering nature of the Chief of Staff he chose to choke other aspirants who over the years have keenly contested the position with him and picked a someone he can lord over and still be in charge of the constituency.

According to report gathered Mr Laguda is the lest popular choice but was imposed on the people as the LGA party chairman now Rt Hon. Gbaja is scheming to impose him again as a replacement for him without allowing democracy to prevail. 

A leader allow others grow and guide them right giving them equal opportunity to thrive and grow progressively.

The choice of Rt. Hon. Femi Gbaja is not only causing disarray amongst party faithfuls but also portraying the party as undemocratic by disenfranchising party faithfuls who have labored for over 2 decades for the party. 

Since pro-democracy Surulere Constituency 1 have never produced a female representative at the green chamber and it is only just to give women the chance to represent us now that the seat is vacant, we have women who have been aspiring since 2007 but have always listened to party's advise to step down for Rt. Hon. Femi Gbaja, it is only right to give such women the chance to grow now and carry the party flag with pride.

According to information gathered from a women group clamoring for a woman representative whom have served the party diligently and have been consistent with her aspiration, have a good relationship with the grassroot and is fully on ground. A woman who have served the party  Locally, Statewide and Nationally.

Now it is rumored that the Chief of Staff through his Aide Mr Olanrewaju Wasiu submitted the name of a serving councilor and the leader of the house for a state appointment when it is obvious that the said councilor who is relatively new in the polity of Surulere, she got back from the UK few years ago got the ticket to represent her ward as councilor, a lady that can't win her political ward for the party, a councilor that lost both elections but was favored by Femi Gbaja to represent her ward. 

Even has a councilor it is said that she have no project ascribed to her name in her political ward, no dividend for the people she represent. 

It was gathered that Party faithfuls and loyalists are being pushed to the wall by negligence and disenfranchisement it is in the best interest of the party to allow democracy thrive by practicing what they preach said a member of the party.

Appreciate loyalty and consistency of women who have served the party diligently, the group mentioned a certain Hon. Jamila Bolanle Mu’azu-Olukosi and Hon. Arinola Sherifat Ogbara who have served and worked for the party and are deserving and worthy to be considered. 

Allow democracy to happen, let the people choose who represent them and allow the party grow progressively.