Highlights From 4th Online Reporters Association of Nigeria (ORAN) Media / Corporate Bodies Roundtable Conference 2023

It was the gathering of top Media and corporate stakeholders as the Online Reporters Association Of Nigeria, ORAN successfully held their 4th media roundtable, titled ORAN MEDIA/CORPORATE ROUNDTABLE which was held at the City People Magazine Conference Room, Lagos Thursday 22nd June 2023.

The roundtable attracted top media and corporate personalities and stakeholders like the publisher of City People Magazine and Television, Otunba Seye Kehinde, Dr Meksley Nwagboh,

 Divisional Head, Brand And Communications, Fidelity Bank plc, Richard Amuwa, (Project Director, Child Safety Education and Protection Initiative), 

C E O Mulifelong Motors , Mrs. Mulikat Fehintola Sanni, Joshua Idoko, publisher City Pride Magazine and many others.

In his speech as the Key Note Speaker on the New Naira Notes, It's Challenges, It's Success and the Banking Industry in Nigeria.

Dr. Meksley Nwagboh, Divisional Head , Brand and Communications, Fidelity Bank plc stated that the new naira policy recorded a huge success dispite the associated difficulties the masses experienced during the policy implementation period.

"That people tried to get cash and they had difficulty in getting cash is often because the unbanked have decided come to the bank to open account as result of the policy and that's the benefit of the naira redesign program, it is called financial inclusion".

"Financial inclusion is when the unbanked who often kept their money under the bed at home had the opportunity to now come to the bank and open an account as a direct result of the policy to help the country's economy grow financially, that's why if you look at the global financial inclusion index you will discover that Nigeria have risen her index as a result of the program and that's a win for all of us".

It's always easier to do things in ways that's not right because it takes courage to chat a new course when the popular opinion is going on different direction.

"Never be afraid to be an outsider because it's only outsiders that changes the world because they see it from outside the box", Dr. Meksley Nwagboh concluded. 

"He stated that the only error in the policy was that it have been themed 'Cashlite' rather than "Cashless" because the advanced economies of the world people still spend cash.

He praised ORAN for putting the roundtable together.

Also Speaking at the roundtable was Mr Richard Amuwa  (Project Director, Child Safety Education and Protection Initiative, he is also an On Air Personality and was the Key Note Speaker on the Security Of School Children In The Educational Sector.

In her own speech, C E O of Mulifelong Motors ,  Mrs Mulikat Fehintola Sanni, charged parents, particularly mothers to guide their children from the tender age.

ORAN patron, Otunba Seye Kehinde thanked the speakers for gracing the roundtable.

ORAN President, Shehu Tijani Adegbola added that roundtable concept actually berths to review the illness of every sector of Nigeria economy with stakeholders most especially with the media who are towncriers. So that whoever is involved can effect changes.

" It is real time we have to review our sectors. And look for way forward. New Naira Note Redesigned policy which was introduced by former CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele really challenged our economy. Everybody fell the pains. This was the reason we brought this topic as the major hightlight at this edition", he said. " Child security is another key area that parents don't really pay much attention to currently in our schools and every homes. It is sacrosant to reshape our homes and schools with the method Nigerians upbring the children nowadays", Shehu Tijani said. " We assure our audience and followers that next edition will be more scintillanting than this edition."

ORAN is the umbrella body of online media practitioners in Nigeria