APC National Youth Leader’s North Central Tour Excites Youths, Draws Serious Commitment To Party Triumph

APC’s National Youth Leader, Hon. Dayo Israel, inspired new levels of excitement and a renewed commitment to the party’s triumph in the Feb 25 general elections with visits to Taraba, Benue, and Niger states to complete the North Central leg of his nationwide youth energizing and mobilization tour.

The conclusive lap for north central began last week with a several hours drive to Taraba State from Gombe where, together with the youth and party excos in the state, he rallied support for the party and charged local stakeholders to mobilize votes for its presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and other candidates flying the party’s flag at the polls.

Hon. Israel also inaugurated the state’s division of the Jagaban Footsoldiers Movement alongside its various directorates, just as he did in all the states he has visited since the formal inauguration of the APC National Youth Wing Campaign Council in Kaduna State.

He encouraged members of the movement, particularly those in directorates overseeing grassroots mobilization and media engagements, to effectively communicate the party’s goodwill and readiness to confront peculiar challenges affecting growth and development in the state.

He also tasked them to make good use of tools provided to them such as the Canvasser’s Record Sheet to enable the Youth Wing run a data-driven campaign, especially with last-mile, get-out-the-votes efforts it plans to deploy to ensure that the party harvests the largest number of youth votes in the election.

From Taraba State, the National Youth Leader braved the roads and waves as he crossed the Taraba River to arrive in Benue State in continuation of the tour. There, he teamed up with Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia, the party’s popular governorship candidate in the state, and other local youth leaders and representatives to mobilize locally for the party.

He also played host to a town hall meeting with various interest and support groups during which he disclosed the plans of Bola Tinubu to bring an end to the perennial conflict and security challenges affecting peace and commerce in the state.

According to him, “Asiwaju has perfected plans to provide the required support to farmers in Benue State to cultivate, monitor, harvest and preserve their goods. He will also ensure the availability of ready markets and easy access to the markets through key infrastructural investments. This will enable farmers in Benue to sell their goods when due at a favourable profit margin.”

“Under Tinubu’s leadership, Benue will live up to its reputation as the food basket of the nation and provide relief to the rest of the country by increasing local food supply and bring down inflation,” he said.

As a mark of appreciation for his impactful visit, the people of Benue honoured him with a title as the ‘Kuhe Jime U Youths’ which translates to the backbone of the youths.

From there, he made yet another trip to Kogi State where he also launched the state’s division of the Jagaban Footsoldiers Movement and offered support, including mobilization tools, to the party’s youth representatives and the team of mobilizers tasked with ensuring a youth-driven electoral success.

After the successful visit to Kogi State, he proceeded to Niger State, home to Governor Abubakar Sani Bello who looks likely to be succeeded by Muhammed Umar Bago of the APC, after a widely-acclaimed meritorious service of two terms.


In Niger, Hon. Israel hosted a town hall meeting with the entire leadership of the state’s youth wing where he inaugurated the state’s members of the Jagaban Movement and provided assurances of the party’s determination to reward its loyal stewards.

He urged them to sustain and expedite the wheels of progress in the state by preserving its alliance with the centre with the election of the APC’s Bola Tinubu and Umar Bago as president and governor respectively.

He also paid a homage visit to the respected Emir of Agaei who remarked on his valiant efforts and contributions to youth empowerment and inclusion in leadership, and honoured him with a title as the ‘Hasken Matasa’, meaning the light of the youths.

He had earlier visited Kwara, Nasarawa, and Plateau States, a feat that distinguishes him as one of the party’s most committed mobilizers enduring the rigours of the road and the country’s security challenges to deliver the message of Tinubu’s Renewed Hope to Nigerians in the cities and hinterlands.