2023: Tinubu Physically Fit To Lead, Has Worked Harder Than Other Candidates - APC Nat’l Youth Leader

The National Youth Leader of the APC, Hon. Dayo Israel, has asserted the physical fitness and mental sharpness of the party’s candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to lead the country as its next president ahead of the presidential contest slated for Saturday, Feb 25.

He said this while appearing on the popular breakfast show, Your View on Television Continental (TVC), where he fielded questions about the candidate’s Renewed Hope manifesto and the party’s projection as the country prepares to head to the polls.

Israel, whose impressive performance at a weekend national youth debate continues to dominate headlines, said the former Lagos governor has worked harder than his opponents in the contest, noting his heavy campaign schedule, including trips to all the states in the country.

“There is no doubt about Asiwaju’s mental and physical fitness to lead the country. No other candidate can boast of his work rate in this cycle. During our party’s primaries and now as candidate, he has toured all the states in the country, meeting with the electorates and other stakeholder groups to sell his vision and secure their buy-in. He visited some states more than once; and on some occasions toured different states on the same day,” he said.

“Those amplifying certain errors and slips, which all the candidates have suffered and is in fact not an anomaly in a rigorous campaign, are mischievous actors resorting to slander because they are out of materials to campaign against this excellent candidate. His records are unblemished. He is the only candidate whose campaign has presented what he has achieved as the premise for his aspiration.”

“At every turn, he has highlighted his achievements, notably the transformation of Lagos, as the basis for his confidence and strong belief that he can bring about the Nigeria of our dreams. His campaign is inclusive and hinged on his outstanding records, unlike those who are running a sectional campaign with the intent of dividing Nigerians along our fault-lines.”

Clarifying that none of the major candidates can lay claim to youth given that they are all well over the 50-year mark, Israel underscored Tinubu’s superior standing over his opponents as none of them can boast of his accomplishments in the area of youth inclusion and inter-generational collaboration to bring about change.

“Asiwaju is clear that he wants to work for and with young Nigerians. And we can trust him because he has done it before. As governor of Lagos, he gave major breaks to young professionals who are now leaders in their own rights. There are so many examples and the incumbent governor of Lagos, Babajide Sanwoolu, is one of those who have benefited from Asiwaju’s mentorship. That is the kind of leader we want.”

He also mentioned the candidate’s prolific activism for democracy, particularly his contributions to the advent of Nigeria’s fourth republic, having sacrificed his wellbeing and resources to mount a successful challenge to Abacha’s military junta.