I Represent You And The Bridge That Will Ensure Your Time Is Smoother Than Ours....Tinubu

The All Progressive Congress Presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has told the youths not to relent in their efforts to demand for good governance as the future is a decision not a destiny. 

Tinubu made this known in his speech delivered by Barr. Ismaeel Ahmed the Former National Youth Leader of APC and Member of the Asiwaju Campaign Team at the Progressive Young Leaders’ Summit yesterday in Abuja.

Tinubu congratulated the Youth Wing of the All-Progressive Congress (APC) for always demonstrating readiness and capacity to bring everyone on board that the progressive mantra is a mindset. It is not just an event or a party card. It is a mindset borne out of the desire to progress.

He assured the progressive youths as the bridge that will ensure that their time will be smoother than the present and encourage them to deliver across all units come 2023.

In his speech, Tinubu said “I know the youths are always tired of being told to wait for their time. As a Governor in my forties, I can tell you your time is now. President Buhari began with policies like the signing of Not too Young to Run Bill, he created the Youth Investment Fund, we will take it a notch higher we will create ladders of opportunities for you and bring you in directly for mentoring and creative nation building. 

“This election is too important to be left in the hands of a few people because to build a nation, One community at a time. One city at a time. One state at a time. A region. And a nation. So I call on all of you to Marshall yourselves and your plans. Occupy your houses and homes, your stalls and streets, your communities and cities and most importantly your polling units. Spread the word that we are coming together as a team. All of us. We will make this country great. 

“We will combine our strengths together. Your youthfulness with our years of experience, your curiosity with our cautious optimism, your energy with our endowment, your vigor with our vast knowledge, and slowly we will continue to March on this progressive path and put our hands together to help president Buhari deliver in Nigeria and that’s where we will continue to deliver the goods when Nigerians give us the chance in 2023”.