As we move towards the dying minutes of the special convention of the governing All Progressives Congress (APC), the most cheering news is one that is contained in a statement that can be termed the REAL HEROS words of our Northern Governors and leaders in the APC where they resolved to allow a shift of the ticket from the North to the South, and for this we say big thank you to them. This is the most Honourable and courageous decision we need as a party and nation in the spirit of fairness, equity and commitment to the stability of our dear nation. 

This singular move has resolved more than half of the anxieties and significantly so has shown that the progressives are not power drunks and are forward thinkers. That the progressives are a people that place the interest of all above the interest of self. This move has set aright all speculations of a northern agenda to retain power through the back door or clandestinely orchestrate a process that allow a return of a northerner post the tenure of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

History will bear this audacious statement record. It shall be for generations yet unborn that against all, we had men who stood in the path of what is just, right, fair, equitable and honourable, even in the times where these attributes have been said severally to be scarce in our political circle and parties. Yet again, with the Northern Governors in the APC, history has been made and a good record has been set. 

We the young people of the South of Nigeria therefore salute the courage of our governors and leaders for this great move and commend them greatly for being the stabilizing force in this very dire moment of our party choosing its flag bearer. We believe that this move is one of the most important if not the only for it will end the evil predictions of an APC implosion post it’s primaries. 

This effort of the Northern bloc within the party has also made the work easy for the President who in his meeting with the aspirants supported the decision of the northern bloc and also encouraged our southern aspirants to work together to ensure we (as a party) come out of the primaries with a process that unites us and makes us stronger and well positioned for victory. 

All of these are moments history shall make a note of and we wish to put on record that the resilience that drives the Nigerian spirit is one that many are yet to understand or unravel. As a people we typically come out of very troubled situations stronger and then make the most of our strains. This is what makes the world marvel at our magic. And again, the President as a leader of conscience and as a statesmen has yet given hope and inspiration. And we say a big thank you sirs. 

We will remember this moment! 


Bayo Adenekan 

Titilope Gbadamosi 

Prince Kunle Oyewumi 

Kazeem Faleye

Babajide Akeredolu 

Ahmed Babalola

Lanre Oyegbola 

Dayo Iyaniwura 

Rinsola Abiola 

Owolabi Awosan 

Kabir Aregbesola