WEMA Bank Reiterates Commitment To Customer Data Confidentiality

Our attention has been drawn to recent reports of members of  the  public receiving text messages with account numbers. 

We  implore  members  of  the  public  that,  as  a  financial  institution,  Wema  Bank  takes  issues  around  data integrity  and breaches seriously, and we are currently investigating the reports. Recently,  we embarked on a massive activation campaign in the month and wish to state that all accounts opened are  valid  and  fit  for  use.  We  would  like  to  reassure  our  customers  that  we  keep  all  customer  data confidential.

Do  note,  however,  that  no  account  can  be  activated  except  by  the  owner  of  the  account, when the person downloads the app and proceeds with account confirmation.

Again,  we  implore  everyone  to  keep  their  personal  details  safe  as  scammers  are  on  the  prowl  and  would use  all  opportunities  to  defraud  customers.  Where  you  think  your  data  may  have  been  compromised, please change all your passwords and PINs immediately.

We  want  to  assure  all  our  customers  that  your  financial  transactions  remain  safe  and  secure  with  Wema Bank. We  appreciate  all  our  customers  for  choosing  to  bank  with  us  and  urge  them  to  refer  our  simple, convenient, and reliable digital banking services via ALAT to their friends and family.