How Jumia Promotes Fitness Culture Among Nigerians

Global awareness of the need for stable physical and mental health is on the rise, and Nigeria is not left behind in this regard. More Nigerians, young and old, have adopted different exercises regularly to keep their body and mind in good shape. Also, organisations encourage their staff to engage in physical activity to stay healthy. Some organisations set aside a day in the week for the services of gym instructors to take staff through their paces.

As the group of fitness-minded individuals expand, demand for fitness products continues to rise. To meet this teeming demand, sporting brands have increased their rate of production and partnered with more outlets to make their products more accessible to consumers. The growing trend of e-commerce in Nigeria makes it a suitable platform to reach the teeming youth population, most of whom are digital natives.

Jumia, the leading e-commerce platform in Africa, offers yearly fitness week sales for consumers in partnership with some global fitness brands. For this year's edition, brands like Samsung, Adidas, Fitbit, and Nike/Converse, are all partnering with Jumia to sell fitness items to consumers at discounted prices from April 18th to 24th, 2022. 

According to the company, the special sales offer is to enable consumers to explore a wide selection of fitness products from global brands at the best prices. "Exercise not only changes your body, but it also changes your mind, your attitude and mood. It's Fitness Week on Jumia, and we are offering everybody the opportunity to stay fit by getting their fitness products at discounted prices courtesy of our partners," said Jumia Nigeria CEO, Massimiliano Spalazzi. In addition, consumers in Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan can enjoy free delivery on thousands of products during the Fitness Week campaign.

Jumia is not only creating awareness about the inherent benefits of exercise to the body and mind but also facilitating participation by making fitness items available and affordable to customers so that 'Everybody' can stay fit.