Neo Phlames Celebrates Mothers With ‘Abiyamo’

To celebrate Mother’s Day, singer and songwriter, Adeniyi Adewoyin aka Neo Phlames has released a new single titled ‘Abiyamo’. 

‘Abiyamo’, according to the Oyo State born musician is a song deliberately written and composed to celebrate mothers across the world. 

Phlames said the sacrifices made by mothers for their children is worth to be celebrated everyday which prompted his decision to serenade the “special creatures” with the evergreen masterpiece. 

“Mothers are special creatures by God and they need to be treated as one. Looking at the sacrifices they make to ensure that the family is stable and their effort in maintaining peace in the society is unquantifiable”, said Neo Phlames. 

Continuing, he said: “I have had it in mind to make a song for mothers to appreciate their undying love, mothers especially mine who has been there for me from inception til date. This song is for everyone that loves and appreciate their mom. I don’t think any of us would have survived if our mother didn’t want us alive.

“Not forgetting our fathers too, I actually mentioned that in the song. They go hand in hand. Fathers are also great pillars in the family because without them, our mothers wouldn’t be that strong.

‘Abiyamo’ is now available on all music streaming platforms worldwide.