GTI To Unveil A Unique Football Fund For The Discerning Investor

The Board and Management of GTI Asset Management & Trust Limited, an innovative financial services provider of cutting-edge investment banking services in Nigeria's financial landscape, is set to unveil a football fund project to serve as a catalyst for the transformation of sports business development in Nigeria.

The novel idea is a bold step towards harnessing the huge untapped potential in sports from the developmental and marketing points of view.

Beyond its universal appeal which transcends all known and apparent geographical and ethnic boundaries, sports business is not only lucrative but also offers multiple streams of income to thousands of business concerns across different sectors of any economy. GTI's aspiration is to help deliver a project that will serve as a one-stop shop for all stakeholders whose common aspiration is to see sports in Nigeria attain new heights of development leading to a united people and stronger economy.

In the sports sector where others see challenges, GTI has dared to see possibilities. In the words of the Group Managing Director/CEO, Mr. Abubakar Lawal, "Because funding has always been a challenge to the growth of sports in Nigeria, we intend to harness the various resources through innovative financial schemes and help build a very vibrant football economy in the sports ecosystem. To achieve this, we have created a unique model focusing on sports business because football is a multibillion-dollar business in other climes and we intend to replicate the same in Nigeria”.

He further enthused, "The fund would be an enabler that will facilitate wealth creation for our citizens and collective prosperity for our nation"

The launch event is slated for Tuesday, 22nd March, 2022. The event will have in attendance sports administrators, prospective investors and key stakeholders in the sports world, thus Nigerian and by extension African sports is set to be the biggest winners.