APC NATIONAL CONVENTION: Women, Youths Disgruntled, Marginalized


Not likely to have a good stake

The National Convention of the APC which is just a few days away is already looking like an edging out of its most critical gender and generation. The women and youth are not likely to have a seat at the table beyond the statutory offices. 

It was gladdening seeing the number of women and young people who had shown interest to contest in various positions and this was going to be a great leverage for the ruling party, but it appears that politics is not a respecter of ideals. 

This situation if it’s allowed to sail through as sources close to the power blocs are envisaging, the ruling party would have completely drifted from the critical mass that made it a vibrant party in the first instance.

Political watcher have thought that the zoning formulae approach adopted by the party was going to provide a better leverage to drive a great form of inclusion and mainstreaming of these critical population and segment of the party but it’s not likely to be with the recent horse trading going on.

Having ticked one of the measures of diversity - geography, the party is failing to tick the generational and gender inclusiveness measures as it appears the power play ongoing is greatly working against the consideration for this. And should this happen, the APC would have missed a golden opportunity to shift its structure to the population that delivers the votes and position itself ahead of victory in the general elections come 2023.