Quickteller Paypoint Rewards Active Agents, Drives Financial Inclusion

The subject of financial inclusion remains a hot topic among regulators and stakeholders in the financial industry due to its growing importance. It has been pegged as a driver of economic growth, creating opportunities for individuals across social and economic classes to possess saving and purchasing power, and this is a conversation that is well understood by Quickteller Paypoint.

According to the Centre for Financial Inclusion, 64 percent of adults in developing countries do not have access to financial services, with Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia accounting for a large percentage of this figure.

To bridge this gap, Quickteller Paypoint was birthed, using the power of technology to reach many of the unbanked population in Nigeria, equipping transaction agents with the right tools to ensure that the unbanked population is catered to, and by so doing, impacting the lives of these end consumers.

Quickteller Paypoint, an Interswitch Financial Inclusion Service (IFIS), has continued to stay on its message of widespread financial inclusion and the empowerment of its agents who, through commissions, generate income while providing crucial financial services to the unbanked. To show appreciation for the efforts of these agents, Quickteller has devised a reward system that will enable them reach more individuals, empowering them to partake in the economic framework.

Bringing to the fore the importance of a more democratized system of the transaction was the Corona virus pandemic that brought about changes in the way economic activities were operated. More people sought avenues for easy banking, patronizing vendors who provided financial services that catered to their needs. Quickteller agents, in those challenging times, ensured that these services were within reach, reducing the need for in-person banking and other financial transactions.

These service providers are now being recognized via the Double Up promo that will run from February 1 to March 31, 2022, in appreciation for the impactful services they continue to provide.

Active Quickteller Paypoint agents who make as little as one transaction a month are assured of partaking in the Double Up promo and will be selected at random for a raffle draw that will be conducted under the observation of the Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), Lagos State lottery Board (LSLB), National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) to ensure that the draw is performed in line with the standardized regulations.

Lucky agents stand a chance to win other prizes that include LED televisions/generators, smartphones, standing fans and other cash prizes. To increase their chances of winning, active agents are encouraged to increase their daily/monthly transactions to increase their chance to win one or more of the mouthwatering prizes.

Quickteller Paypoint currently has more than 35,000 agents across the country connecting Nigerians without access to formal banking with financial services. Through the Quickteller Paypoint service, customers are furnished with services such as money transfer and bill payment, among other utilities.