The Umuriogwugwu Ohuba, Amawuihe community seized the opportunity of the Christmas and New Year holiday to unveil a 500 KVA Transformer donated by Hon. Chinedu Amadi. An appreciative community led by its Chairman, Electricity Development Committee, Mr. Valentine Ojiaku, gathered at the village square on January 2nd, 2022 and made the launch of the transformer the high point of the yuletide. In his opening speech, the Chairman recognized the journey to the donation and installation of the transformer. 

He thanked the members of the Umuriogwugwu Village Executive led by Obinna Chinagorom for mobilizing the entire community with a ‘we can do it’ spirit and providing the seed money for initial preparations. The Electricity Development Committee said that “the success of today’s unveiling would not have been accomplished without the directives, support and donation of our illustrious, amiable and dynamic son, Hon Chinedu Amadi, who in his charitable way of giving – donated a 500KVA Transformer and N600, 000.00(six hundred thousand Naira) cash for installation”. 

The Chairman explained that by his donation Chinedu Amadi has helped to transform the community economically and otherwise. Subsequently, the elders of the Umuriogwugwu community prayed to the God Almighty to preserve and continue providing abundantly for Chinedu Amadi.  

 In his reply Hon. Chinedu Amadi thanked God for making the donations possible. He also thanked the community for inspiring him to make the donations. He praised the community resolve to own a transformer of their own no matter the challenges. Mr. Chinedu Amadi reminded his kinsmen that a vital part of ownership would be to keep watch over the transformer and ensure that it is never vandalized. He led them in merry making and thanksgiving.