The Collapse/"Death" Of Water Industry In #Nigeria Starts With Dearth Of Young People In The Sector

In a digital era when there's a cogent need to migrate to #DigitalWater that is driven by young water professionals, Nigeria really cannot afford to be left behind. 

Several Water Corporations are lying in comatose. You can guess with dismay how many Water Corporations in #Nigeria are working to full capacity (or even half their full capacity). 

In communities across the Country, sights of abandoned and non-functional boreholes has become a norm. You can literally count the number of boreholes (especially public) that are still functional, 6-12 months after construction? 

Disturbed by these ugly trends,  the Nigeria Chapter of International Water Association - Young Water Professionals, led by Bibilore Solarin on a roundtable, brainstorming session with the Hon. Minister of Water Resources, and Directors at the Federal Ministry of Water Resources, to explore ways of lifting Nigeria Water Sector out of this quagmire.

Looking forward to more Youth Inclusion to drive the giant strides aimed at revitalising the sector. Catching them young from Secondary School is a no-brainer!