REVEALED: How and When Oyetola Abandoned APC Programmes To Please Omisore

Recent developments have shown how Governor Adegboyega Oyetola betrayed the leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) before his assumption into office.

Findings revealed that long before Oyetola became Governor, he had resolved to reverse major legacy policies of the last administration under which the current Governor served as as Chief of Staff.

Finding now reveal that while the leadership of the Party of the APC was working hard to limit any overbearing influence of the Omisore led SDP especially as regards it's Nationally acclaimed Legacy programmes,  Governor negotiated behind the back of Party and Government that installed him to reverse the very programmes that made him Governor.

The reversal of the Aregbesola administration's policy, according to sources, was part of the secret conditions Oyetola inked with Omisore while he pretended to Aregbesola that he was reluctant to work with Omisore.

It was gathered that at several meetings with the leadership of the party in the state, Oyetola had earlier expressed reservations on working with Omisore. However, while Oyetola told the party leadership openly about his reluctance of working with the former deputy governor of the state, he later went into secret agreement with the SDP to reverse the legacies of the APC administration, especially the education policy and abandoned the party's manifestos.

Evidence to buttress that is contained in an interview a starlwart of the SDP and a former Nigerian Ambassador to the Philippines, Dr. Yemi Farounbi granted a medium, Osunnewsroom.

In the interview, Farounbi disclosed that Oyetola signed an agreement with Omisore where he accepted to reverse all the legacies of the immediate past administration which he has done to the satisfaction of the SDP and its loyalists.

Farounbi said: "One, we said we will support them (APC) if they would take another look at the educational programs of the immediate past administration of Governor Rauf Aregbesola, because we, in SDP, did not like the idea of a single uniform policy of the administration. We did not also like the idea of elementary and middle schools."

According to feelers, Farounbi's statements revealed the unity of ideas between the Governor and Omisore to jointly see to the abandonement of the legacies of the previous administration.

Speaking to newsmen, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun revealed that around six months ago, Oyetola still categorically stated to the APEX leadership of the APC in Osun that he was not working with Omisore to undermine the previous administration. 

He said: "We held several meetings before and after the election where Oyetola expressly stated that he was not disposed to working with Omisore. He told us that he was reluctant to settle with and work with him.

"He said going by Omisore's antecedents and what he is capable of doing, it would be pretty difficult to work together. Little did we know that he (Oyetola) was pretending to us.  He pretended that he was not akin to work with him but has been doing the contrary since he got into office.

"The genuine progressives brought Oyetola to power. The government and the party leadership he served supported him immensely to be Governor. It is however, sad to note that today, we are reading that they had an agreement to destroy the legacies of the past administration. They have reversed all of the policies which engineered the rapid transformation of Osun. Yemi Farounbi has confirmed what we have seen over the years.

"If Oyetola can betray the party leadership that brought him to power, what can he not do? He derives pleasure in rubbishing the party's legacies and progress envisioned and implemented for eight years which he was an integral part of us. He lied to us and this is highly unfortunate.

"So, they had met all along and agreed on what to do and what they are doing. Thank God they have exposed themselves."

Political watchers in the state have, however, situated the current trend with the seeming cordial relationship between Omisore and Oyetola in the last three years. Oyetola and Omisore have been seen together at gatherings and events of the government while  restating his commitment to working with the SDP candidate.

Also, Omisore had during the membership registration/revalidation exercise of the APC defected to the party in 2021,  making him a member of the party. He was later in the year inducted into Igbimo Agba, the Osun APC Elders Caucus based on the agreement with Oyetola.

The alliance between Omisore and Oyetola key political watchers in Osun continue to gain strength with the former and latter's meetings all in a bid to secure a second term for the Governor.