​Interswitch Reiterates Commitment to Digitisation of Transport Sector

Interswitch, Africa’s leading integrated payments and digital commerce company, says it is committed to the digitisation of the processes involved in the transportation of people and goods in the country.

The Business Development Manager, Mass Transit Indeco at Interswitch, Nnenna ​​Ajanwachukwu, made this known while speaking at a high-level discussion ​at​​​ the Lagos Transport Fest in Lagos on Monday, December 13, 2021.

Addressing the topic ‘The role of digitisation in Nigeria’s Urban Mobility’, she noted that organisations ​are beginning to see the need to use technology to solve the multifaceted challenges associated with daily commuting, ​ from booking to the actual movement of people.

She highlighted the opportunities presented by the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and associated restrictions in addition to the loss of revenue in nudging companies and entrepreneurs into birthing innovative solutions that guarantee safe and convenient commuting. Having identified that the transport sector was principally cash-based, she said Interswitch has​​ developed​ a​ solution to facilitate cashless payments and ensure commuters can make bookings seamlessly.

​​Ajanwachukwu added that the solution, which will be launched to the public in a few months, will add value to rail, water, air and road transport operators as well as private firms offering mass transit and ride-hailing services.

“We built a solution to digitise the transport system and connect with consumers through the Quickteller platform, making the process of booking for transport and payment seamless,” ​she said.

She said, “What we are doing with the platform is essentially to leverage technology in enabling the processes. The platform is robust and inclusive such that it caters to the needs of both the government and private companies.”

According to her, transportation is in urgent need of digitisation and there are a lot more technology solutions that can be developed to improve electronic ticketing and payment that will ensure trip planning is done with limited physical contact.

Ajanwachukwu expressed optimism that in-depth discussions and collaborations with different stakeholders in the transport sector will lead to the development of robust customer-centric solutions.

Other discussants during the panel session at the Lagos Transport Fest highlighted the crucial role the government plays in the development, regulation, and facilitation of innovations in the transport sector.

Interswitch is at the forefront​ of digital payments, ​ driving ​the ​cashless policy of the Nigerian government and creating an efficient digital payment system that is enabling economic growth across Africa.

The homegrown payment solutions provider has over the years built long-lasting tech infrastructure that is driving processes, growth of industries, building ecosystems and shaping the future of Africa’s digital payment.

The third edition of the Lagos Transport Fest attracted players in the transportation sector who analysed the sector, its policies and innovations, as well as the funding and infrastructure requirements for its sustained growth.