The Gospel Partners Initiative 'TGPI' Set To Bring Succour To The Youths, Needy, Vulnerable, Evangelists, Destitutes

The Gospel Partners Initiative (TGPI), is taking the functions of Non Governmental Organizations to a new dimension.

A vision that started in 2014 casually on a humanitarian basis, picked up fully on the 15th of May, 2018.

Speaking about how TGIP all began, visioner Isioma Barbara Ehi-Iden said; "I had a pressing urge to show concern towards the needy, the vulnerable and evangelists that have no support system in the good work they do. I had a conversation with a sister in the vineyard and it became clear that this desire should not just end as that, the need to have a body called "The Gospel Partners Initiative" became more compelling and today, we have transited from just an idea to a duly registered Not-For-Profit Social Venture.

Isioma said; "our aim is to crowd-fund and also solicit for help from established organizations to support our cause with the overall aim of creating a place for our category audience with the overall aim of creating a sense of belonging and reintegration into the pursuit of decent lives. We were motivated by the burden of inequality which daily increases the gap between 'the rich and the poor'. We see daily, how a larger population of people live impoverished lives without access to basic necessities of decent livelihood while a very small percentage of our population lives in opulence and great affluence."

The emotional visioner said; "the interest of The Gospel Partners is not to take from the rich and give to the poor, but to point to the rich the huge basic needs that exist within the huge population made up of poor people. This is what we can refer to as a win-win situation when achieved." Isioma noted.

With the slogan, 'Gospel on the Wheels of Love', The Gospel Partners Initiative (TGPI), is standing on six major objectives namely:

(1) Evangelism Support System

(2) Poverty Alleviation

(3) Establish TGPI Network

(4) Christian Communication

(5) Turnaround Christian Perception

(6) Societal Impact.

To achieve the above stated objectives, TGPI sourced for funding through, charity shops, funds raised from concerts, programs or events, grants and gifts from already established organizations and government's institutions and agencies at all levels

TGPI, therefore calls on individuals, organizations, government and the general public to partner with this divine project for the purpose of the peace and stability of our nation Nigeria, most especially through  their forth coming musical concert tagged; 'Wahala For Who No Get Christ (WFWGC).