Over N6.5 trillion wasted by successive governments in Anambra, ADC’s Nwankpo Promises to Use ‘Umunna Governance Model’ To Rescue Anambra

Dr Akachukwu Nwankpo, candidate of Africa. Democratic Congress (ADC) has blamed successive poor leadership in Anambra on the gap between the government and the people.

Akachukwu said the lack of involvement of the people in the management of public affairs of Anambra was responsible for widespread poverty and collapse of social infrastructure in spite homongous revenue earnings of the state in the past 22 years of democracy in the state.

He regretted that in spite Anambra’s industrious and blessed population, the people had allowed a few people whom they could not control to hijack the resources to buy votes, take over our public places, levy taxes on them and operate with total disregard to the welfare of  people.

“Over N6.5 trillion has been spent and still we have hunger, poor security, baf roads, poor healthcare, poor educational system, no water, bad economy, massive unemployment and no facility for people living with disability.

“This wickedness must stop, the executive must respect the constitution, the legislature and judiciary must have financial independence and civil service, professional autonomy,” he said.

The former President Aide to Goodluck Jonathan said it was time to bring the government of Anambra under the control of the people and he would conduct Local Government Area elections shortly assuming office if elected governor.

He said he would run a people oriented administration by adopting the Umunna Government Model where ever kindred would be involved in making decisions that affect them.

He described the Ummuna (Kindred) as critical units of the state which were closest to the people and were often those who best the burden of poor governance.

He said the  Ununna system was the only way the government could be brought under the control of citizens

According to him, Umunna raise money to care for the sick and the disabled, they shelter the homeless, feed the poor, visit the prisoners and empower the unemployed, yet the umuna has no say in our government.

“Umunna is the only institution in Anambra today where husband’s, wives and children participate to elect leaders without bribery and corruption.

*They are the only people that hold their leaders to account and protect them with a unified voice when they are challenged.

“This is a system we must use to bring back good governance in Anambra because that is the unit that still holds the principles with which our forebears led the people.

“We will establish the Ministry  of Umunna  Affairs and ensure every Ummuna has a  seat, voice and share in the governance and government of Anambra State,” he said.

Nwankpo, a Knight of St. John International  with 15 years of public service without blemish to sek your vote urged the Anambra electorate to take back this state by buying for him and his party the ADC on Nov. 6.

Source:Independent media support AIMS