The Management of the Lagos State Neighbourhood Safety Agency (LNSA) has sanctioned all the Officers involved in the unlawful treatment of Mr Adedotun Clement (the Uber Driver) during the ENDSARS anniversary protest.

This is following the conduct of the orderly room trial of the two Officers identified in the various videos on social media from the incident and the supervising Officers from at the venue.

The two officers and the Supervising Officers were charged with disreputable conduct as a result of the assault on a member of the public, the use of pepper spray which is not a standard issue kit for officers of the Agency and general unruly behaviours capable of breaching public peace all of which is in contempt of the Agency’s rules as contained in the LNSA Handbook Articles E (ii) & (iii), O (iv) and N (x) which covers conduct with the general public, negligence and general conduct on the job.

Following the panel seating that lasted over four hours the Officers were found guilty of the charges preferred against them. Consequently, the two Officers directly involved in the assault were publicly de-kitted and suspended from the Agency for the next 2 Months. They are also to be redeployed to another command of the Agency for behavioural evaluation and further reprimand.

In the same instance, the Commanding Superintendents and the Divisional Commander for Lagos Division of LNSC, under whose jurisdiction and command at the event were also suspended for one Month and their deputies are to act in their place until further notice: all with immediate effect.

The Agency also use this medium to tender an unreserved apology to the general public and by the same apologise to Mr Clement Adedotun (the Uber Driver) for the conduct of the Officers at the event as it places high premium on its relationship with the people who the Agency consider as its greatest asset.

The General Manager of the Agency, Prince Dr  Ifalade Oyekan however restated the commitment of the Lagos State Government to the security of lives and properties of the people of Lagos State.