Adesanya Hints At Relocating To US From New Zealand

UFC middleweight champion, Isreal Adesanya, has hinted that he will be moving his training camp away from New Zealand to the United States due to the country’s stringent COVID-19 lockdown rules.

Adesanya and his teammates at City Kickboxing have faced several challenges from the government and have also found it difficult to travel in and out of the country due to travel restrictions.

New Zealand had been able to suppress the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus due to its early lockdown and strict border measures.

Not pleased with the situation, Adesanya who has had his fight with rival Robert Whittaker postponed till 2022 due to the travel restrictions has set his mind on moving his entire camp to the US in order to facilitate his training ahead of the fight.

“Cats out the bag… I’m moving to America,” Adesanya wrote on Instagram.

“When faced with obstacles, we adapt and overcome. We built this legacy at City Kickboxing ourselves and the support of the people. No (government) handouts or backing and became the number one winning gym on earth.

“Four walls and a roof don’t make a martial arts gym. The people who toil day in and day out make it what it is. So wherever those four walls and a roof is located, it’ll still be City Kickboxing!”

There have been a record 1,035 cases in the past month.

Adesanya had recently promised to never fight in New Zealand due to unfair treatments.