Breaking News: Ojukwu Is Dead

In tears, I briskly put my jalopy car through the death-traps on the infamous Lagos/Onitsha expressway; berthed at the Anambra state Secretariat, and dropped some solemn messages in the condolence register. (Wait for  the message)

Indeed, tears loosely flowed on the streets of Anambra. The mighty valorous Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu was in the news, too sad to be real. As the unusual calm enveloped the state, somewhere in London, Ikemba Nnewi, Eze Igbo gburugburu was bare-chested lodged in the cold room.

To be continued...........................

Stay with me...... Because, Ogene Must Salute Ojukwu (OMSO) and expose the undisputed facts about life in Anambra, after Ojukwu's demise.

Ogene Must SALUTE Ojukwu (OMSO)


Ogene Igbo