Wemy Industries Set To Commence Non-woven Production In Sub-Saharan Africa Soon

What are non-woven materials? They are a type of Fabric made by bonding fibers together using gums or different chemicals under pressure rather than the interlacement of various threads. Polypropylene, Polyethylene & Polyester are the key raw materials for making them. Why are they critical?

Apart from their significance to the textile and fabrics industry. Now- wovens are key raw materials for the production of baby diapers, sanitary pads, Wet wipes, and many other essential types of medical devices. These products are highly-priced products that are currently imported into Nigeria and most of Subs-Saharan Africa.

With the Nigerian currency and many other African currencies constantly devaluing annually, the importation of goods will never be sustainable and will make essential medical devices incredibly expensive. It has now become an emergency for African countries to embrace local manufacturing to halt this weakening of their currencies else their purchasing power will continue to diminish.

The high population growth rate in Sub-Saharan Africa and the increasing demand for medical devices and sanitary products mean investing in backward integration of high-use raw materials such as non-woven is critical.

With raw materials such as polyester, polypropylene, and other key petrol-chemical materials increasingly becoming available in Nigeria due to the Dangote refinery; it means such a project will become incredibly viable; That is why Wemy Industires has commenced discussion with IFC and Gerber Technology on the Technical and financial advisory on how we startup a Greenfield Non-woven production facility in Nigeria.

It is clear that this project would be a “GAME CHANGER” for the Hygiene and personal care industries in sub-Saharan Africa. Most crucially it will rid Sub-Saharan Africa of the need to import non-wovens – and help accelerate the growth in the medical devices industries among others.

If you are interested in knowing more about these developments or investing in this project. kindly send your inquiries to nwoven@wemydrbrowns.com