John Bannermans Whisky Set To officially unveil In Nigeria

 If the news reaching ConvergenceNews is anything to go by then It’s about to go down.  John Bannermans Whisky is set to officially unveil its brand in Nigeria.

According to a post by Director, Brand and Trade Marketing at Monument Distillers Nigeria,Mr Abiodun Ajiborode on his linkedin page,”Ke ku Ike ko gbo, ko so fun toko. Don’t get it twisted, you have not experience whisky until you taste the smoothness of JB. The whisky painstakingly crafted for the Bold, the Strong and the Courageous. Even if you did not attend a university, earn the street degree - Dare to be Bold, Strong and Courageous, because fortune favours those with BSC character”.


John bannermans red seal is a whisky produced in Scotland and it is classified as a blended scotch whisky and belongs to the bannerman brand. One of the most renowned varieties in the world and there are hundreds of distilleries across Scotland that produce this find alcoholic drink. As the name suggests, blended whiskey is made by combining whisky from different distilleries. Few things warm you up like a glass of whisky; this is a drink for real gentlemen and ladies..

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