Don Jazzy Launches Crowdfunding Platform, Sapiofunds, To Raise Funds For Social Causes

Multi-award-winning music producer and founder of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy, has announced the launch of a new crowdfunding platform called Sapiofunds to assist people in raising funds for social causes.

According to Don Jazzy, real name – Michael Collins Ajereh, he teamed up with a friend (possibly Sonnia Agu), to create this social enterprise platform to assist people to raise funds for people who have projects and need people to donate to the project.

According to Sonnia Agu on her Instagram page, “Designed for the emerging continent called Africa, Sapiofunds uses data and algorithms to bring about growth, transparency and efficiency. The result is much more innovation, which in turn improves how we think, what we eat, drink, wear, put on our skin, and how we live our lives as Africans.”

“Our mission is simple: “Help Africans” thrive by providing “free and easy access” to funds, basic capital, and the resources needed. No 100-page grant applications, no donors demanding you modify your message, no last-minute edits from investors. Just you doing you, adding value and getting support.” she added.

In the announcement on Instagram, Don Jazzy kicked off funding on the platform by pledging to donate 100,000 to 10 projects.

“Give Away time. What can 100k do for you right now? What project do you want to fund? Just Sapio fund it. It’s simple. Go to state what you are trying to fund. Whatever it is. People that can help you raise the money will come thru for you. But for today I’m going to go thru the projects and pick 10 people to Sapio fund their 100k project.

After setting up your project on the sapio fund website, share it here and tag me so I can check it out. @sapiofunds@sonnia_agu“

Source:Innovation Village