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Dufil reacts to False Accusation

 Dufil Prima Foods Plc, makers of Indomie Noodles, today issued a statement to an alleged misleading and false allegations contained in some press and media articles recently.

Dufil dissociate themselves from such misleading claims by the publications.

The statement reads:

Our attention has been drawn to some allegation of Staff Lockdown by Employees of Dufil Prima Foods Plc in some recent press and media articles. Dufil Prima Foods hereby categorically state that these allegations are not only false and malicious but also a deliberate attempt to embarrass and erode the goodwill and support our the organisation enjoys with its numerous stakeholders.          

As a major player in the Nigerian business environment for over two decades, we have an unwavering commitment to the rights, welfare, and dignity of all our employees, regardless of their role, nationality, age, or gender, and would like to dissociate ourselves from any report that suggests otherwise.