Opera News Celebrates The End Of The World Cup By Giving Away The Second Out Of Three New Cars To A Self-Employed User In Nigeria

Opera News, the most downloaded news app in Africa, is celebrating the end of a fantastic football World Cup 2018 by giving away the second out of three brand new cars to a twenty-five-year-old self-employed user in Lagos.

“We are really excited to see happy winners every day, and we enjoy celebrating this moment with them,” said Jørgen Arnesen, Global Head of Marketing and Distribution at Opera. “We enjoy so much football at Opera and we wanted to communicate that passion to our users by rewarding them with amazing gifts in an easy way when using our app.”

The lucky winner, Damilola Omojola, or Dami, as he liked to be called, was presented today in Lagos in a private event at the Xovar Lounge prior to the final match of the 2018 football World Cup between France and Croatia.
Dami Omojola received the keys of his brand new 2018 GAC GA3S and shared his excitement with friends and family who came to pick up the car with him.
 The Second Car Winner, Damilola Omojola;Albert Oluwatoyin, aka DATWARRIGIRL, Social Media Celebrity;Chukwudiebele Enyi, Senior Marketing Manager, Opera;  During Opera Shake And Win Campaign, Second  Car Presentation At Xovar Lounge, Lekki

“I’m really happy about this, it’s an unbelievable moment,” said Dami. “I want to dedicate this to God and to my mom. I will be sharing the car with her as it will be very useful for her job. She will now be able to transport goods to her supermarket.”

Thousands of winners every day
Since the introduction of the “Shake” feature, Opera News has rewarded more than 300 thousand users in Nigeria with amazing prizes. When users open Opera News and click on the dedicated World Cup channel, a shake command pops up on the screen, letting users know that they can shake their phones in hopes of winning an amazing prize.
“On average, more than 500 thousand people in the African continent have shaken their phones since the introduction of the feature,” said Arnesen. “This tells us how  engaged people are with app and eager to participate to win the big prizes like the car we are giving away today.”
For Dami, shaking his phone became a daily activity and he stated that he was convincing his friends to follow him in also shaking their phones.
“I was shaking my phone day and night. Most of my friends were asking me why was I shaking my phone so much. I kept on telling them that I won vouchers and that this was real,” said Dami. “I’m so happy that now I got my gift.”
Still more chances to win!

Due to the popularity of Shake, Opera News will extend the campaign and will continue giving away prizes to users in Nigeria until the 31 July, 2018.