The Eagles Will Be Super In Russia

The Super Eagles of Nigeria will be playing in the FIFA World Cup – Russia 2018; though they are 23 players that have been selected, we want to assure them that close to 200 million Nigerians home and abroad are solidly behind them. We are all going to align regardless of our differences or divides with one voice to cheer the Super Eagles to victory in Russia.

As a Party with the single focus of seeing a Nigeria where Nigerians are united and can bear each other’s differences while drawing on the beauty of our diversity, we see the current Super Eagles as a metaphor for that position that our party holds dearly. We see a team of players from across the Niger, the South-South, the Northern hemisphere and the West of Nigeria where no one has earned a shirt because of quota system. Every member of the Super Eagles has earned a shirt because they deserve it. That’s our concept of a New Nigeria and that’s what we have seen with the Super Eagles.

Within the period of the games, we know Nigeria’s unity comes through very strongly. No one cares who scores the goal, no one cares what part of Nigeria the goalkeeper is from. Everyone speaks one language; one language of hope and expectation and the handshakes, hugs, laughter, smiles, shouts, drums and dance that follow every win of the team will attest to the reality of the spirit that binds us together. And this for our party is the spirit of Nigeria. The spirit of a people so indivisible and united. The spirit of great neighborliness and warm friendship and love. The Spirit of Nigeria.

In every win or loss, it is never about a part of Nigeria, but the whole of Nigeria. We would all focus our energies and prayers for the Super Eagles to win; Muslims pray and Christians, even in some instances gather to pray together. If we do this in Football, therefore the agenda for a New Nigeria should be that all Nigerians focus our energies on achieving this goal together and putting aside the sentiments and emotions that mostly colour our views, deprive us of our being; and our inner being of winning against all odds.

This is, therefore, a call to every Nigerian across divides and age to rally round the Super Eagles over the next 4 weeks as we watch the FIFA World Cup and cheer the Super Eagles to victory. Likewise, Alliance for New Nigeria we also hold hands to work towards in ensuring we deliver a New Nigeria where we all can be proud to be called Nigerians. To us, the lives of every Nigerian count. As the 2019 approaches, we appeal to every Nigerian to join forces with Alliance for New Nigeria and vote ANN for a New Nigeria.

We know that friendship and fair play rule the game of football. We are confident that as a team, our Super Eagles have what it takes to win the World Cup. However, win or lose, we shall celebrate victory because it’s all about fair play at the end. So today, whilst I join my voice with every other Nigerian and on behalf of our great party the Alliance for New Nigeria, we wish the Super Eagles of Nigeria a superb run in RUSSIA 2018.