Dear President Muhammadu Buhari,

We have received the news of a statement credited to you during your session at the Commonwealth and it has generated a lot of reactions amongst Nigerians and particularly the youth.

The Alliance For New Nigeria (ANN) as a party represented by the Nigerian Youth aimed at creating a New Nigeria by showing the difference in leadership, governance and politics wish to provide you with facts that shows that your statement is completely a misrepresentation of the Nigerian youth and for the avoidance of doubt, we want the world to know that the Nigerian youth is hardworking, inventive, creative, innovative and not just sitting doing nothing and waiting for you to hand out bread to us.

Today, the Nigerian entertainment industry is driven by the Nigerian Youth. From movies to music, the output is amazing and that’s not sitting down and waiting for the money from oil sir. For the records of Mr. President, his managers and those drumming up support for his re-election in 2019. In 2013, the importance of Nollywood to the Nigerian economy was fully realized during the rebasing of Nigeria’s GDP.

The contribution of Nollywood alone made the GDP to jump from an initial estimate of $285.5 billion to $510 billion. And Nollywood is an industry driven heavily by Nigerian youth. Again, sir that’s not waiting for money from oil. The same industry has according to a report published by PWC noted that “Nollywood is globally recognized as the second largest film producer in the world.

The Industry is a significant part of the Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Sector which contributed 2.3% (NGN239biliion) to Nigeria's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2016”. The report in its conclusion noted that this sector should be one of the priority sectors, this is 2018 and the sector is not close to anything priority.

Three years after, the same administration that was voted by the majority of the Nigerian youth in 2015 has gone to the commonwealth to demarket Nigeria by extension the Nigerian Youth. What a leader we have; our Chief Marketing Officer. We are not however very surprised, a man can only give what he has.

If the President has this information and still sees the Nigerian youth as sit down, doing nothing fellow, then should he still lead the over seventy million Nigerian youths come 2019? We say a capital NO.
When this administration was described as “incompetent” in one of our recent statement, this development further confirms our conclusion and we say again, we won’t vote incompetence in 2019 and Nigerian Youths should not vote a man that sees them as beggars in 2019.

We know that Nigerians are hardworking but have been so deprived and subjugated by the likes of President Buhari both as a military head of state and as a democratically elected president.

We know that in every nation, the leadership provides the environment that allows young people to thrive and facilitate the growth of industry but is this the case under this government? Where there is massive job loss, power is still epileptic even though they campaigned and won the election on the promise that power would be fixed within 6 months. Is this the fault of the Nigerian Youth when Buhari as President has continuously shown that he doesn’t have what it takes to lead a nation in a modern digital world?

The Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) is hereby calling on all Nigerian Youths to stand up, take back Nigeria, and ensure that none of those who have plundered the wealth of Nigeria, stole Nigeria dry, and can go around the world and describe the Nigerian Youth as lazy and sit down waiting for manna from heaven to get their Permanent Voters Card, and massively change the "Change", and do away with the umbrellas in 2019.

The truth is that from the North to the South of Nigeria, we have youths in abundance striving to make things happen for themselves and for their families, by extension the nation, and what has the government done to support them? Totally Nothing! Instead, they have exploited and raped the nation of its glory and pride. The Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) promises the Nigerian Youth a New Nigeria where the inequality will be reversed. Where we wouldn’t have a senator earn N29miilion monthly and an average Nigerian live on less than N300 a day. ANN is not calling to "rule" this nation, but this is a call for every youth to take on the leadership of their fatherland towards her restoration.

The Nigerian Youths are not the leaders of tomorrow, but today. We have seen them achieve amazing fits all over the world, it's time to replicate it here in Nigeria. God bless the Nigerian Youth, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Chairman, BOT
Alliance for New Nigeria
National Secretariat

Abuja - Nigeria