Cummins Power Generation Nigeria Limited Aims To Replace Diesel Generators With Gas Generators

Cummins Power Generation Nigeria Limited, a global power leader and a reliable provider of power generating systems, is aiming to replace diesel generators with gas generator sets in both residential and factory premises pitching it as a cheaper and environmentally-friendly option for power generation, especially in Nigeria where generator usage is on the increase.

Having a strategic partnership with Powergas Nigeria that supplies Compressed Natural Gas to homes, malls and factories in Nigeria, Cummins is working to expand its scope of activities to cover more areas due to the epileptic power supply from the national grid. These generators consume large amounts of diesel on a daily basis and the resultant cost effect is extremely high, thereby making cost of power generation very expensive, not to mention polluting the environment as well.

By targeting to replace diesel and petrol backup generators, Cummins Power Generation Nigeria Limited aims to reduce air pollution by 25%. “You have power cuts for hours in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria which also suffer from a lot of air pollution. There is talk of banning diesel vehicles. This is where replacing diesel by Natural or Compressed Natural gas in generator sets can help cut pollution,” said Daniele Sechi, General Manager of Cummins Power Generation Nigeria Limited.

The Pollution dilemma in Nigeria is a time bomb waiting to explode with hundreds of people dying of air pollution either through petrol generator or car fumes. We need to know that particle matter and carbon monoxide are part of the most dangerous pollutants in the world and we are soothing through them in Nigeria. Adopting gas-based generators can also be economically rewarding, Graham said. “At current gas and diesel prices, a gas-based generator can provide electricity fromN30 per unit (kWh) compared to N145 per litre for petrol and N175per litre for a diesel generator set,” he said.
Cummins is working on multiple options for customers to accelerate gas generators’ adoption with a better operating cost when compared to a petrol or diesel set.

The gas industry in Nigeria is growing fast. There is a strong economic incentive for industries and power generation companies to switch to natural gas. Nigeria holds the world’s ninth largest proven natural gas reserves.