INDOMIE Kicksoff Nationwide Field Search For 2017 Iida Heroes

The search team for the 2017 Indomie Independence Day Award for Heroes of Nigeria, an annual corporate social responsibility initiative of Dufil Prima Foods Plc, is set to hit various search locations across the country.

According to a statement by the company, the search exercise which will kick-off from the 12th of June is targeted at identifying, recognising and rewarding Nigerian children for unique acts of bravery and heroism isset to gather true stories from the designated locations about children of age 15 and below, who have at one time or the other performed exceptional acts of bravery and heroism.

The Group Public Relations Manager, Dufil Prima Foods Plc, Mr. Tope Ashiwaju said the search exercise would take place in 10 States spread across the geo-political zones in the country. The States include:Lagos, Ondo, Abuja, Niger, Bayelsa, Delta, Abia, Anambra, Kaduna and Kano and would last for a duration of eight weeks.

“There will be a search team which will comprise ten searchers per location headed by a supervisor to ensure quality control and authenticity of the collected stories,” he said.
Ashiwaju however assured that the search exercise would not be limited to the field search alone, as there are other methods through which entries could be received, such as calls to designated phone lines, email address, hand delivery of letters at the project office so as to gather more entries from every nook and cranny of the country.

Also speaking on this development, Project Leader of Market Probe Plc; the Independent Research Agency tasked with the IIDA 2017 search exercise, Mr. Raymond Fatunji, said the stories would be verified and authenticated by way of thorough investigation and gathering of witnesses who could testify to the authenticity of the stories.

“Nothing will be spared in verifying the authenticity of the stories and we intend to ensure more quality stories are gotten this year. The search exercise will not be limited to just the 10 locations as we intend combing neighbouring areas within these locations for stories,” he added.