APRA Boss Calls For Collaboration Among African’s PR Practitioners

President of the African Public Relations Association, (APRA), Mr. Yomi Badejo-Okusanya, has called for collaboration among Public Relations practitioners on the continent.

Speaking at the 19th annual conference of the association holding in Casablanca, Morocco recently, Badejo-Okusanya said that PR practitioners should unite to chart a new course for the profession on the continent.
He said: “Until we as public relations practitioners begin to take ourselves seriously by engaging strength in unity, we cannot expect others to take us seriously. We must learn to work together by eliminating the fragmentation that has worked against us in the past”
According to the APRA’s boss, time has come when public relations practitioners should change Africa’s narratives in terms of reputation management, adding that it is achievable if there is high collaboration among practitioners.
“If we fail, then we have failed Africa and generations to come. You are not here by accident neither were you born an African by mistake. You have a purpose. I, therefore, call on you African Public Relations professionals, be you in the public or private sector, to collectively re-tell and re-sell the story of Africa.
“It is the story of noble men and women, of bold warriors, of great kingdoms and of unbelievable empires. Let’s tell the untold story of our resilient spirit and entrepreneurship, despite hundreds of years of slave trade, colonization and apartheid. Tell the story of inspiring governance and structure; of warm hospitality and vast picturesque lands, nature and waterways comparable to nowhere else”, Badejo-Okusanya said.