Meyer Unveils New Corporate Identity

Meyer Plc, formerly known as DN Meyer Plc, under the leadership of its new Managing Director Mr. Bamidele Akinnola,recently unveiled a new corporate identity which is reflective of the renewed vigor and business focus of the company.
According to the Managing Director, Mr. Bamidele Akinnola,the change in corporate identity is reflected in the company’s new name and logo. He expressed his optimism in the creativity driving the re-birth of DN Meyer Plc as “Meyer Plc” and re-assured all stakeholders of the colorful and innovative spirit Meyer Plc has been known for over the last 56 years. Having enjoyed a good relationship with Dunlop Nigeria Plc “DN”, the divestment of DN and the new Meyer Plc brand comes with even greater opportunities for the future.
Driven by its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence, Mr.Akinnola noted that the acquisition of equities and the current decision to revamp and upgrade the company’s infrastructure will enable it compete favorably within its industry and position the company for greater opportunities in the months and years to come.

He further stated that “this process of reinvention is a total overhaul of the Meyer Plc brand and we are fine-tuning all the processes in the value chain with the aim of retaining our position as a key player in Nigeria’s decorative and protective paint industry”. “The new leadership is unrelenting and shall continuously seek to exceed the expectations of all our shareholders and stakeholders”.

With this assurance, it is obvious that the Meyer Plc brand will be offering Nigerians quality products and presents a more innovative approach to the delivery of its services and customer experience.