Get Creative, Get PEAK

2017 is gradually dragging on and we are getting the full vibe of the year. At the opening of the year, many resolutions were made. Johnbull Okafor resolved to expand his business from a tiny shop into a warehouse in order to make more money and live a better life.  Funke Williams, a manager in an advertising agency plans to set up her smoothie business in 2017. Ogbonnaya Micheal wants to relocate to Canada, Olasunkanmi Jibril is planning to enroll for a MBA programme, Bolu John wants to stop smoking and Dolapo Ojo resolved to live a healthier life by reducing her weight.

These are beautiful resolutions, but the question is how far have they gone in making that resolution a reality? That brings us to the key elements needed in making true our resolutions; and the chiefest among them is creativity.

A great intention not backed up with creative approaches might definitely fail. In January when Uche Agbaragu was planning to set up a Coffee Bar, he had to study the environment, creatively picked his location, understood the target audience and the designed the most creative way of reaching them at minimal cost. He also used influencers to draw people into the bar, and today, the business is gradually picking up. He spent half the money he would have spent if doing the business conventionally. That is the power of creativity. Less effort, more result. Less marketing, more prospects.

In any resolutions you have made, there is need to look at the best creative approach to make it a reality, and then break the approach into simple actionable plans.
However, in order to make that sound creative decision, you need to be nourished physically and mentally; and that’s where Peak Milk comes in.

Peak Milk is strongly formulated to give stronger body and sharper mind; not just through the traditional bread and tea, but now also through #pecadomo; that is the creative way of using Peak Milk in the preparation of traditional meals like rice, pounded yam, fufu, eba, amala, semo, eggs and pap. Wow!

Using Peak Milk in the preparation of these staple foods ensure that consumers get all-round great nutrition; and that is the smartest way to a great-healthy lifestyle and fulfilled dreams. Peak Milk make the foods more nourishing, nutritious and gives the creative power needed to plan and take the future. 

In the words of Tunde Abolaji, a Lagos-based nutrition and lifestyle expert, ‘a malnourished mind cannot produce great idea!’

Go get Peak!