Unilever Takes Omo to Abuja, Neighborhoods

Newly improved Omo fast action, the multi-active hand-washing detergent powder and a product of Unilever has toured major cities in the Federal Capital Territory to the excitement of some residents who expressed satisfaction at the improved quality.
The tour movement, which was spear-headed by Nollywood super star Ali Nuhu, who was the brand ambassador in the Northern Part of the country, witnessed distribution of the detergents to various homes in Abuja, as residents of Nyanya, Mararaba, Lugbe, Kubwa, Kuje and Gwagwalada in the Federal Capital Territory who witnessed the tour lauded the improved quality of the detergent.
“Omo produced by the Unilever is a product that has been in existence for a long number of years. I remember when I was a kid, my mum used Omo to wash my clothing, likewise many other families. You could see that it is a product that had stood the test of time” Ali Nuhu stated during interaction with newsmen.
“The UNILEVER, having given it a thought to re brand the detergent, means it wants to continue to serve people better, and to sustain the standard that they had over time maintained.
“The excitement has been massive wherever we have gone. We have received warmth acceptance from different parts of the Federal Capital Territory that we have gone to”, he added.
Speaking further, the brand Ambassador noted: “First of all, you could notice that the colour has been changed. Aside colour change, you would discover that when you wash with Omo,it is not harsh on your hands. Secondly, it washes any type of clothes without necessarily bleaching it. Also, it has this refreshing saint that comes out of it, when you use it.
“When you take into consideration the very fact that when it soaks inside water washes higher number of clothes with ease. The price has also been the way it used to be despite the improvement, and with a little Omo, you could wash a lot. You also have a different guage of Omo that you could buy. Whatever the standard of living you are in , you could asses it”.
Reacting along the same vein, Ikechukwu Obijiaku a Laundry man who was given the new brand confirmed to Newsmen that the product has been impacting positively on his job without any complaints from his clients.