Nurofen Launches Pain Killer Brand in Nigeria

Nurofen, a pain relief brand from the stable of RB Nigeria Limited, launched into the Nigerian market with its unique proposition of being able to work at the site of pains as well as offer instant relief.
Speaking at the launch, General Manager, RB West Africa, Mr. Rahul Murgai, said the development of Nurofen speaks to the positioning of the company as one that puts priority on providing innovative solutions to Nigerians to make life easier and healthier for them.
“Our vision is a world where people are healthier and happier; our purpose is to make a difference by providing Nigerians with innovation solutions to ensure they lead healthier lives in happier homes”, he said.
Murgai added that, in order to achieve its purpose and to be meaningful partner for the pharmaceutical industry, RB Nigeria Limited had continued to invest in research and product development thereby able to come up with high quality brands that promote health and hygiene among families.
While stressing the significance of Nurofen’s launch into the Nigerian market, he revealed that the product was intended to help Nigerians overcome body pains, fever and flu caused by the prevalence of stressors such as perennial traffic logjam, work overload and poor weather condition.
He explained that the Nurofen brand is launching formulations for both children and adults. Nurofen for Children is a liquid suspension that works for child pain and fever. It comes in two flavors; Orange and Strawberry, reduces fever in 15 minutes and provides continuous relief for up to eight hours after. This is more superior to Paracetamol’s efficacy.
Murgai explained that for adults, Nurofen is launching caplets in 200mg that provides relief from fever as well as work for several types of pains by targeting pain at its source. Nurofen is more effective than Paracetamol for treatment of headache, back pain, dental pain, sore throat and so. In addition to this Nurofen is very gentle on the stomach and equally well tolerated as Paracetamol.
“Nurofen for adults is an over-the-counter (OTC) drug targeted at providing relief from pains, helping with fever and reducing inflammation; while that for children is formulated to provide effective relief from pains and fever for babies as young as three months (and weighing over 5kg) to 12 years old” he added.
Speaking on the topic “Ibuprofen for children and its role in Pain and Fever control”, Professor in Anesthesiology, University of Eastern Finland, Prof. Hannu Kokki stated that “ pain in children and adult can be adequately managed with Ibuprofen which is the active agent of Nurofen.”
While comparing Ibuprofen with Paracetamo, Kokki noted that Ibuprofen the active agent of Nurofen is superior to paracetamol while it is equally mild on the stomach.”
In her remark on pain, President, Society for the Study of Pain, Nigeria (SSPN) said “Globally, one in five adults suffer from pain and on the average 40-8-% of consultations in primary care settings have been reported to involve a complaint of pain in several countries across the globe. In Nigeria, there is a paucity of empirical evidence on the prevalence of pain complaints; 88% of a group of Nigerians 60 years of age and older have had at least one episode of low back pain in their lifetime.”
According to Ajayi, recent studies and reports have shown that various types of pain are undertreated and this undertreated pains have significant physical, psychological and financial consequences which is the reason the launch of Nurofen is a welcome idea.
While discussing the scope of pain and fever management of children in Nigeria, Professor Adebola Akinsulie, Head of Department Pediatrics, Lagos University Teaching Hospital stated that “Children do feel pain, however do not know how to express themselves when it comes to pain and fever. Children experience headache, chest pain, abdominal pain, back pain and so on. Most analgesic given to children is conjugated in the liver which is why extra care should be taken when giving children anagelsic.
However, Ibuprofen which is the active agent of Nurofen is safe for children”
Category Manager, Nurofen, Qaiser Rashid said the launch of Nurofen is to empower Nigerians to continue to live active life and be able to achieve their dreams in an atmosphere devoid of pains and other health risk factors that can slow them down.
He explained further that around the world, Nurofen has been acclaimed to be the number one pain killer in every market where it has been launched, and that it works twice faster than the regular analgesic.
Rashid said “Nurofen belongs to a group of drugs called Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) and works at the site of pain by blocking the production of chemicals called prostaglandins which cause pains, swelling and inflammation in the tissues of the body”.
“Nurofen’s active agent – Ibuprofen is the first non-aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug to be approved as over-the-counter (OTC) use. It also comes as low dose ibuprofen (200–400mg) which has been proven to be highly effective across a range of acute, short-term pain and fever conditions, and has an excellent safety profile”, Rashid added.