Hi! Did you notice the headline and how the three words are stringed into one? Well, that is the continuous experience we will be discussing and the yet unfolding opportunities it presents to brands way into the future.
Experiential marketing had held its space of consumer attention for very long and conversely, digital marketing is relatively fresh, driven by technological discoveries and still very much growing with a variety of unpredictable possibilities. Recent times and recent consumer lifestyle upgrades and exposure to the digital revolution has compelled a merger in these two areas of marketing for increased strategically driven communication with consumers by brands and advertising agencies.
Each one of these two marketing styles provide strength for the other's area of weakness. The experience helps the digital platform make a lot more sense while the digital style brings ease, newness and excitement to the experience. On the long run, both the consumer and brand find an extended and continuous life in the communication idea (interactive) through time, place, target groups, etc. The visible result is that most of the time, customers react instantly and that is a plus for the life of any brand. What usually will then play the decider for any brand is the quality of content that will drive the entire digitalexperiential effort.   
With most experiential marketing, cost of execution and consumer engagement results have cut back a lot on extensive media usage in the bid to deliver total awareness and the merger with the digital platforms of experience and expression have proven to be a route that is always well worth it if it is well conceptualized and delivered in execution. Of course, the various needed and relevant media channels for support will not be extinguished. 
Deep Creativity: Brand experience will be worth every penny spent on it when positive reactions to the campaign are elicited by the consumers. Only great creativity that has passed through, a great understanding of the consumer mindset, the undiluted brand objective and brilliant ideas delivered through excellent production will leave a lasting and recurrently demanded consumer reaction. These will be evident in 'word-of-mouth', 'testimonials', 'brand associations', 'product purchase', etc. 
Planning: Everyone that is necessary to the delivery of a great digitalexperiential campaign must flow from the same central objective which is that of the brand or brand manager. To this end, all must work together, from the client to the strategist to the writer to the designer to the digital unit to the administrative workforce and all other required hands. This will go a long way to have perfection in drive, production, delivery, timing and consumer reaction. Some brands have been known to slip in planning and end up with a crash of a winning idea and a dip in the emotions of those who laboured through it all. 
Qualitative & Quantitative: A deep understanding of content, timing and precise scaling plus measurement is critical to success. This will give room to corrective measures or adjustments where necessary when sudden and unexpected reactions or opportunities arise for the brand or from the consumers. The campaign line of thought can be improved or further expressed even while the execution is ongoing in order to get more mileage and better consumer affection. This is a very pertinent point to better results. 
Finally, the brands that usually survive are the ones that study what leading brands are doing and find their own expression or experience by learning one or two things from them. If consumers are not letting up in terms of engaging new product possibilities, why then should any brand let up when it comes to leaving lasting experiences on the minds of consumers? Afterall, a great experience elicits an unpaid free channel which is the consumer's 'word-of-mouth'.
Step up the DigitalizedExperientialMarketing!  
Debola S. Mobee ARPA, Experienced Corporate & Marketing Communications Strategist & Specialist. Consulting.