Promasidor Quill Awards is Open To All Journalists in Nigeria

Promasidor Nigeria Limited, makers of Cowbell, Onga, Toptea and Loya Milk and organisers of the prestigious Promasidor Quill awards today said the Award is not meant for journalists based in Lagos and its environs alone but for all practicing journalists across the country.
In an interview in Lagos, the company’s Head of Legal and Public Relations, Mr. Andrew Enahoro, said the information on the Promasidor Quill Awards has always been for journalists to enter and also for media houses to encourage their staff to participate. His words: “This has not changed. We have judiciously done what we are supposed to do. It is now left for the target audience of the awards to realize that this is a credible platform with adequate rewards. If you feel that the work you have done is good enough to merit an award then, put it in.  That is what it is all about – to recognise and reward excellence”.

The 2015 edition of the awards was flagged off January 2015 and prospective contestants have until April 30, 2015 to submit their entries. Contestants are expected to upload their entries online to participate in the awards.
Reacting to query by some prospective contestants that uploading entries online has been difficult, Enahoro said “in the unlikely event that you cannot upload your entries, you can send your entries to our PR Agency, TPT International.  What we want is the word format, and a scanned copy of the published work.
Commenting on the e-platform entry submission process of the awards, Enahoro said the reason for using the e-platform is to take care of media men/journalists who are outside Lagos and South West. “We don’t want a situation where the scope will be limited to any specific geographical zone”, he stated.
Moreover he stated that with the e-platform, there is an instant acknowledgement of entry. The website also has helplines and email addresses where any issues are promptly attended to.