New TV Campaign Invites Entrepreneurs on Access Bank Train

Africa’s land is green. Some businesses don’t see it.  It is only organizations that realized the greenness that benefit from it with hitherto preparation. Nigeria’s Access Bank with African presence knows that the land is green and the future is bright and it is prepared to sow, reap, play and score goals on the green turf.
In spite of all the negative stories about Africa, there is still inspiring and optimistic stories of people and organisations who are taking control of their own destinies. Business and organizations are finding their own way, a departure from the socialist lifestyle before now when everybody waited on the government to provide everything.
From inception in 1988, Access Bank has positioned as institution of tomorrow and has continued its differentiation strategy through enhanced communication. Recently it came up with a campaign it called ‘Take Tomorrow’, which encourages people to think tomorrow and leave today behind. The TV campaign also shows the bank’s transformation.
The TV campaign which shows pictures of constructions, speed moving train that is taking people to the future and the bank’s transformations is a reflection of Access Bank operation in the recent time.
The campaign starts another journey for the bank as the management comes together every five years to create strategic plan for the next five years. Last year there was a strategic vision to be the world most respected African bank. This is essentially what has driven the campaign, Anthony Ekun, creative director at SO &U who was behind the TV campaign concept told BusinessDay.
The story behind the campaign is essentially an invitation to customers, entrepreneurs in Nigeria and Africa to join the Access Bank train for “necessary support to fast track the journey into their desired future as everything the bank does is geared towards helping customers create their dream future today”.
With the bright future beckoning on us, Ekun said “what Africa needs is a bank and other organizations that will help empower entrepreneurs to achieve the potentials that exist before them. Take tomorrow campaign is essentially not being limited to what exists today but by being visionary and optimistic. This is a bank that is dynamic and aligns to the philosophy of any entrepreneur who is essentially looking to achieve and take over the world. ‘Take Tomorrow’ is about telling those stories”.
The bank also understands from research that bank customers want speed, service and security and as a visionary bank, it is positioned to continue to meet them as it takes the customers to the future which is today.

Source: Business Day