Mr Chef Unveils Seasoning Cubes

Following customers’ demand for convenience, hygiene, quality and affordability, Bayswater Industries Limited, makers of Mr Chef Iodide Salt, has launched a 10-in-1pack of seasoning cubes to the distributors and wholesalers at an a launch event in Abuja.
The 10-in-1pack of seasoning is the first of its kind to be introduced by any seasoning producer in Nigeria and the concept was developed from insights gained from customers’ interactions over time.
According to its Managing Director, Mr. Piyush Nair, Mr. Chef’s 10-in-1pack seasoning cubes combine hygiene, quality, quantity and convenience with right pricing to demonstrate that cooking could be both inexpensive and a great delight.
“The cubes are sealed in tamper-proof packs so customers are assured of hygienic packaging because the cubes are not touched by hands before they are sealed in the packs. The packaging ensures that the number of cubes is not subject to manipulation by re-sellers,” he said.
He said unlike current whole packs in the market that may require customers to buy more than they need or packs of 20 cubes that may stretch customers’ budget, Mr Chef’s 10-in-1 pack, which is sold at N20 per pack, matches the right quantity with the right price.
Nair stated further that the launch venue, Abuja, was chosen in order to join in celebrating Nigeria’s 54th Independence anniversary and demonstrate that the nation’s unity must hold regardless of the challenges it is facing.
He promised that the brand would remain an indispensable kitchen companion that would continually be in the forefront of spicing their cooking experiences.


  1. Never seen or heard of seasoning cubes before. Seems like a great idea that you can use in cooking. instead of measuring out the right amount of seasoning you can just pop a cube into whatever you are making. seasoning cubes


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