Oyeyemi Delivers Marketing Classic “Kill or Get Killed” by Accident

 Wife of the Author, Mrs. Oyeyemi, Reviewer/CEO, Marketing Mix, Akin Adeoya, Executive Director, ADVAN, Ediri Orogun,  the Author, “Kill or get Killed”, Kolawole Oyeyemi and a guest at the media  presentation in Lagos.
Wife of the Author, Mrs. Oyeyemi, Reviewer/CEO, Marketing Mix, Akin Adeoya, Executive Director, ADVAN, Ediri Orogun, the Author, “Kill or get Killed”, Kolawole Oyeyemi and a guest at the media presentation in Lagos.
 Kola Oyeyemi, consummate marketing practitioner and General Manager, Consumer Marketing, MTN, has written and published tonnes of motivational books based on Biblical injunctions, four successful  titles in all, without giving a beep on putting ink to paper on the subject of his first love and the profession that has brought him fame, respect and reckoning, marketing. 
However, that ‘norm’ until recently was shattered  as he was ‘coerced’ into writing a marketing book at the point of preparing for the fifth in the series of his popular motivational books and finally, the master marketing strategist, unveils his first marketing book, a classic titled ‘Kill or Get Killed, The Marketing Killer Instinct’. 
Presenting the book to the media in Lagos, Oyeyemi, who has garnered over 20 years in marketing, sarcastically revealed to media that the book began as an accident when a friend asked him at the launch of his fourth book, “When are you going you going to write your marketing book?”
This question metamorphosed to, ‘when are you going to write the marketing book you were told to write?’  This challenge became the fire that ignited Pastor Oyeyemi who has had four successful publications on career and business motivation to his credit, to break the norm and write a marketing book. 
Explaining the cheeky but awe inspiring title, Kill or get Killed, aka, KGK, Oyeyemi points out, “the title looks a bit interesting but it is the reality in marketing – marketing is a warfare, a share-holding war front where sentiment does not hold, rather you need a killer instinct to survive”. 
“This is the first marketing book of its kind by an African that would help students, professionals, investors coming into Africa especially the first timers and entreprenuers”.  In breezy, racy and exciting style, the book tells about brands, their escapades and atimes failures in their respective markets. It has a continental view across Africa.
For the author, marketing is a contribution of logic and magic. Some of the exciting case studies sited in book illustrate different dimensions of how marketing wars have been fought,  won or sometimes lost. These  include: the popular milk war in Nigeria –WonderFood’s Cowbell vs. WAMCO Friesland Peak Milk; The Stout war in Nigeria – a deliberate strategy by Nigeria Breweries to eke out a decent share for its Legend Stout brand against the domineering market leader, Guinness Stout; The South African Breweries experience in Kenya  - initial failure in Kenya -  were considered as part of the practical examples that gave the book it peculiar character of marketing knowledge on the go. 
 In this warfare, the author summarises that brands have to “be bold or they are blown away”. He capped his story with the Prima Garnet’s famous launch campaign over two decades ago “We take your briefs to town”.  This book provides the details of these exciting marketing campaigns and more. 
The book reviewer, Akin Adeoya, CEO, Marketing and Publisher, Marketing & Management, describes the book as a major breakthrough for marketing and its practice in Nigeria. “It is hands-on, professional and scholarly”, he emphasises. 
Paraphrasing George Thorpe in his forward to the book, the reviewer  claims that some of the things that we do in marketing are just being followed as traditions without knowing the reasons behind them, what the writer has been able to do is to tell us the why? behind those actions.
Adeoya, a voracious reader who has read the book twice and never got tired, submits that the Author is able to problematize issues on what works and what does not work in marketing in very exciting, easy to read and knowledge infusing manner through exciting case studies of brands across critical markets in Africa”.
Mrs Eduaye; Nnadozie Azubuike, a Journalist and Adeoya discussing a pointMrs Eduaye; Nnadozie Azubuike, a Journalist and Adeoya discussing a point
In his forward to the book, George Thorpe, leading marketing practitioner, thinker and Managing Consultant, Market Space, lauds Oyeyemi’s capacity to write in fluid, readable manner, revealing that the work reads like a novel, however, he alerts, “(It) is serious; some will find this serious novel useful for developing their verbal abilities, others for improving their focus and concentration. Still others will value it for its entertainment value; but all, in particular, students of, and academics in marketing and management, professional marketers, and business leaders, will agree it is as yet the best work on marketing in Africa in general, and Nigeria in particular, offering an outstanding wealth of learning and experience”.
Mrs. Winnie Eduaye, Executive Director, TP House, Texas, US, the publishers of the book describes the book as a phenomenon. “This one is just a phenomenon. This is what all should have. It is an international book that teaches a whole new dimension and twist to marketing as a profession”. 
 The quality of the book is further amplified as it took the publishers a record time of about two weeks to get the America’s Library of Congress control number which usually takes an average of 6 weeks to get a response from the authourity. She acknowledges the book as being “professorially written and yet with a swag”.
The book, which will be released in hard copy to the Nigerian market in a matter of weeks, is already available on Amazon, Kindle and Apple store and Google Play store and online copies can be purchased at the moment.
Kola, a busy Executive, a Pastor and legacy thinker revealed that 60% of this world-class beater of a book, was achieved in the down time of busy Lagos traffic, a time most commuters waste away chatting, groaning or simply moping into the air. 
Kola Oyeyemi, the author of the book brings to the table well over 2 decades of core brand marketing experience spanning both multinational service and manufacturing organizations including Cadbury and MTN. He cut his teeth in advertising, working with the legendary May Nzeribe of Sunrise DMB&B, the Nigerian leg of a global ad group.
Source: Brand Crunch