Kelechi, Adisa in Battle Royale for AAAN President's Seat

Two intending contestants have picked forms to vie for the position of the president of the Association of Advertising Agencies in Nigeria, AAAN as the 41st AGM congress is slated to hold in July. 
The two are incumbent Vice President and Managing Director, TBWA/Concept, Kelechi Nwosu and Lanre Adisa, Managing Director/ECD, Noah’s Ark.
The early expression of interests in the office of the AAAN President is an indication that the forth-coming AGM would be an interesting election AGM with active participation of members across camps. 
As it is, both Adisa and Kelechi belong to two opposing camps, each bloc will ensure its interest is protected in the composition of the in-coming executive council. 
The two who are friends and professional colleagues, had worked together at management level at TBWA/Concept before Adisa parted ways with the leading agency to set up Noah’s Ark about five years ago. 
Meanwhile Kelechi has consistently over the last eight year or more served the association in different capacities emerging vice president in the election that produced Mrs. Oke as President. 
Kelechi as the sitting Vice President beyond his other agenda/programmes,  will be relying on the power of incumbency and association’s tradition of  the most senior member of the council (VP) taking over from the President whose two-terms tenure lapses.  The bait has always been ‘the VP being part of the exco will continue the good work’. 
Lanre Adisa

On the other hand, Adisa, fondly called LA, will be coming as anti-system, a game changer, likely to be supported by those aggrieved against the incumbent exco and its leadership. 
From the above analysis two camps are already emerged which promises to make the 41st AGM an interesting one.  However, nothing says only these two shall contest for the AAAN’sNo.1 position, more interested presidential candidates might come up on the scene.
 Kelechi Nwosu
One sure bet is that the 41st AGM will reflect youthful zest leading to generational and ideological shift in the running of the affairs of the AAAN.  More later…