Promasidor Strengthens Cowbell CSR Platform

Promasidor Nigeria Limited, makers of Cowbell milk, says it is ready to host this year’s edition of its Cowbell National Seacondary Schools Mathematics Competition – NASSMAC, promising a bigger and better competition and rewards.
Executive Director (Commercial) of Promasidor Nigeria Limited, Kachi Onubogu announced this at a press briefing in Lagos to kick-start activities leading to the 2014 edition of the nationwide competition aimed at encouraging the teaching, learning and study of mathematics and other sciences among secondary school students across Nigeria.
Unarguably Nigeria’s longest running mathematics competition for secondary schools, Onubogu said this year’s edition of NASSMAC is holding within precincts of the 20th anniversary of Promasidor Nigeria Limited.
“We are therefore ready to make it big and a landmark that it is,” he said, adding that “This iconic competition is already in its 14th year and we are excited about the level of achievement we have made thus far and we are set to celebrate it big.”
According to Onubogu, the Cowbell National Secondary Schools Mathematics Competition – NASSMAC, which is in its 14th years of consecutive running has come to stay as a veritable tool for promoting the study of mathematics as a subject among Nigerian students and the public in general.
“NASSMAC has come to be the focal point of the teaching, learning, study and development of mathematics in Nigeria. It is the foundation upon which our journey to economic recovery and prudence must be built if we want to advance as a nation and take our rightful place among developed nations of the world. The importance of mathematics to our development and advancement as a developing economy cannot be over-emphasized. It is the basis of our development pursuits. It is fundamental to every aspect of our life as a nation. We need it in everything we do,” he said.
He further explained that though his organisation (Promasidor Nigeria Limited is happy and satisfied with its pre-occupation of providing nutrition to improve lives in the country, it is delighted also to take on the additional task of providing food for the soul and intellectual development of the populace.
“We have been driven by a vision to nourish the dreams of the Nigerian child. This begins at the doorstep of fortifying our Cowbell milk with the special VitaRich formula; a special blend of vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. Beyond providing the nutrition children need to realise their dreams, we have invested in NASSMAC to unlock the brilliance in the Nigerian child. We believe in the popular adage that says, ‘a healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ and this is why we provide the quality nutrition to help build the body and the mind.”