Heritage Bank is One!!- Launches Agent Banking Services

It’s been ONE YEAR since the seeds of timeless wealth were sown; a journey we began together. As we celebrate our anniversary, we renew our commitment to see these seeds grow, whilst we harness the hopes for a more promising tomorrow.
According to the bank website."We have since begun and will continue to successfully create value for our stakeholders through our superior knowledge of the market, operational excellence and a culture of integrity".
The website statement continues, "We understand the value of commerce towards national development, and have been imparting our knowledge to businesses, medium and large scale alike".
In our bid to sustain our culture of creating, preserving and transferring wealth across generations and with the understand that, given the right foundation in financial management, children are more likely to perform well when they eventually assume the positions to transform money into wealth the bank  embarked on a financial literacy campaign for children across schools. 
The bank also launched agent banking service by  offering traders and artisans of the Gbagada Plank market located in Gbagada Industrial Estate of Lagos State the opportunity to enjoy financial services without the risk and stress walking kilometres in order to visit a bank branch.
  The bank on Tuesday launched its agent banking scheme with the opening of what it calls the ‘Corner Shop’ bank in the market.
   “The choice of the market as the first place to launch our agent banking is deliberate. We decided to launch our agent banking in this market because of the importance we attach to the business that you do”, said Mary Akpobome Executive Director, Ivory Banking, Heritage Bank.
  Addressing members of the market at the launching, she said,  “Agent banking is about bringing banking services to the bulk of the many people, so that they don’t need to go far away to do their banking services.
   “If you look from the beginning of the road to this place, there is no bank around. I believe if you want to do banking business in this place, you have to cross the bridge to other side. So we have brought to you our agent bank, what we call in Heritage bank, the Corner Shop.
  “You can now make your deposits, make withdrawals. You can purchase anything that you need to purchase that involves use of money, in that shop. You don’t need to go far, to different places to do different things like paying Water bills, Nepa bills, you need to go to different places to do different things, you can now do everything in one place, right within your shop area.
  In his opening remarks, Managing Director/Chief Executive, Heritage Bank, Ifie Sekibo said, “Banking services is not only for some people, it is for everybody, and with the small bank we are opening in the market today, we are offering banking services to everybody in this market, irrespective of your educational background and what you do”.
   “From this small bank, you can enjoy a lot of banking services, which is available in the bank branches. You can send money to people, receive money from others, buy recharge card. You even send money to people abroad. You can do all these at this corner shop bank”, he said.
  Speaking further, Akpobome promised that Heritage Bank is also open to suggestions on how it can help their business.  “We are not a bank that believes that we know everything that our customer needs, if there is any service, anything that the bank can do to improve the business that you do, please use that shop to let us know. Our promise is that we will do our best to ensure that we meet the financial needs of this market. Our prayer is that through this corner shop prosperity will come to this place, through the financial services we have brought here; your business will grow in leaps and bounds”, she said.
  Speaking on behalf of the traders, Chairman of the Market Association, Alhaji Subairu Akano said the Association is very delighted by the gesture of Heritage Bank. He assured the bank of the cooperation and support of every member of the bank to ensure the success of the Corner shop.
Heritage Bank  thank all our stakeholders for their continued support in our great journey of wealth creation.