Legend Extra Stout Promotes ‘Realness’,Courage And Fun In New TVC

Nigeria’s only real brewed stout brand with a unique bitter taste, Legend Extra Stout, is promoting the traits of courage, fun and realness, in a new television commercial.
What better way to showcase these ‘Legendary’ attributes than producing a TV commercial that depicts typical everyday occurrences’.
An employee, obviously mimicking the company’s CEO, is seen reeling out ‘new’ company rules. Mimicking the Head Honcho, the staff was telling his co-workers that they are henceforth barred from discussing football, visiting dating websites, YouTube and Twitter during office hours. 
A fellow employee complained about the rules “being too hard to swallow.” Sarcastically, he suggested that they should be “washed down with bottles of Legend Extra Stout.
True to word, they move to a bar after work hours and savour bottles of Legend beer; as the employee continues mimicking the CEO. As he chats on, the big boss emerges from the background. He continues to blab, unaware that the CEO is watching. Fellow employees even try to signal him to keep quiet by making odd signs and facial expressions. But this did not work.
He eventually sights the CEO and becomes sober for an instant. But like the true Legend drinker he is, he ‘mans’ up, looks the CEO in the face and confesses to the CEO that they were just unwinding, as ‘body no be firewood.’
The boss is seen letting down his guard and joins them in savouring his own bottle of Legend Extra Stout.
The new TVC is currently running on selected television stations nationwide.