Absolut Vodka Empowers 20 Nigerian Artists

A total of 20 young artists recently embarked on a five-day exhibition in four centres in Lagos with the theme Transform Today. The four centres were Shoprite Ikeja, Victory Park-Festac, Town,Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS), Tinubu Square and Herbert Macaulay Pedestrian Bridge, Yaba respectively.

The launch of Absolut Vodka's new global brand, Transform Today in Nigeria, is a synergy between the brand and the art industry in Nigeria.

The exhibition was sponsored by Swedish leading Vodka brand, Absolut, which proved that the creative and transformative power of art can change the world positively.
The artworks from the four centres became an unequivocal blend of hope that inspired and transformed Lagosians and made them more creative.

Brand Manager, Absolut Vodka, Akintayo Akinseloyin said “ We have a strong need for this brand to start speaking with one voice on what Absolut believes in. The 20 artists were drawn from visual arts to digital media. We looked at a number of entries from the artists in different parts of Lagos before arriving at the final 20.”

"We looked for artists with cutting-edge, emerging artists and not necessarily the most well-known ones but the ones that really are shaping the future and are truly transformative in what they're doing," said Ibe Ananaba, a notable mixed media artist.

A visit to the four centres in Lagos, showed the artists seriously engaged in the creative process of conception, creation, completion and celebration in the spirit of Absolut.
The Transform Today line was hiding in plain sight. "We were trying to get to the nexus of what makes this brand singular,we found it was the idea of transformation—of the raw ingredients into this fantastic vodka, but also in the world of art. Absolut is a brand that allows you to become who you want to become".

For the young creative artists people who are daring to live by their own creativity, they brought the creative spirit to life in a modern way, especially during the painting exercise.
Brand Manager Absolut Vodka, Akintayo Akinseloyin, "We want to celebrate and inspire people to go out and create their own future, where all it takes is a passion and a dream."
The open canvas campaign rolled out with an extensive body of work spanning and documenting twenty artist's passion and drive, an array of brand and product print executions and a refreshed Absolut brand.

Absolut, as a brand is a creative idea which inspire the ideas of the artistes and make them accomplish their goal."The creatively interactive event has offered us as participants the opportunity to explore our own creative potential through a variety of media, enabling us to realize our own ability to create the future," artists say.

According to Absolut, Transform Today continues the brand's history of "pushing the boundaries of contemporary culture to connect with the passions of a new generation."
The brand has been working with artists for 30 years, starting with Andy Warhol.
"Our intention is an elevated debate and we are convinced that when you want to build strong brands, you need to have a higher purpose. That's what we're aiming with with Transform Today," said Akinseloyin.

At the Tinubu Square, They took an iconic brand and blended it into the wallpaper. Nothing about this stands out except for the fifth shot which is an absolute bottle actually on a wall.
Absolut, aims to connect with the creative spirit in everyone and to inspire artistic transformation around the world.

"From a consumer perspective, it starts from a shared belief we have with consumers that the future is actually not set in stone, not a given, but we have the power as individuals to transform not only ourselves into more creative persons, but to transform society at large,". Said Akinseloyin.