Bagpiper : World's Largest Selling Whisky Now In Nigeria

From the producer of McDowell's No 1 whisky,the largest selling whisky in Nigeria.(CMRG 2012) comes Bagpiper Whisky.

Bagpiper Whisky is one of the several United Spirits Limited millionaire brands (brands that sell above a million cases annually) and it is currently exported to well over 10 countries across the globe 

It carries the title 'World's Largest Selling Whisky '

This success can be attributed to the unique blend as Bagpiper has been crafted to deliver the same rich experience as that of a good scotch, at a very affordable price.

It is a whisky with 42.8%abv and it comes in 3 different sizes :ml 750/375/180

It backed a Reader's Digest Gold Award as "The Most Trusted Brand" in 2006 and features in Impact international's list of "Top 100 Brands".

It stand out for its light Malt Aroma and a hint of smooth woody character owing to use of pre-defined America Oak Cask.

Its packed in international Whisky bottle design with a distinct Black and Gold packaging style.One of the first brands to use the Guala Capping System.

We gathered that market activation was conducted at 7major markets(Oke Arin, Mushin,Trade Fair, Agege,Agric,Ikorodu and Ikotun)  across Lagos with repeat visits to push the brand into trade level with trade activation (roadshow) activity, distribution of  visibility 
materials, place Bagpiper on shelf  through mass sampling of consumers at different touch-points.

According to the brand spokesperson "the brand has been introduced into the Nigerian Market with Lagos as the base point, as we strongly believe that the superiority in blend and packaging will deliver a large consumer base in a short time".