Registration for participation in this year’s Gulder Ultimate Search ended on Friday, August 23, 2013. As preparations advance for the regional selection phase, the ‘Ultimate’ beer is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that the 10th edition of the show remains indelibly etched in the minds of viewers.
For the first time, teeming fans of Gulder Ultimate Search will get to watch past episodes of previous seasons of the reality TV programme. The programme which began airing on Saturday, August 17, will end on Sunday, September 29. Tagged ‘The Unending Search’, the documentary will take viewers down memory lane through the past nine seasons. This will afford them the opportunity of watching the jungle escapades of the past winners and other contestants that competed for fame, honour and glory on the Gulder Ultimate Search series.
From 2004, when the show made its TV debut, till date, nine seasons have been aired each year, while nine champions have been crowned.
Each edition of Gulder Ultimate Search is themed. Ezeugo Egwuagwu made history as the first winner of the reality show when he found 'The Legend of Captain Kush'. Lucan Chambliss, the second Ultimate Man, found the ‘Lost Helmet of General Maxmillian'. Season Three’s champion, Hector Joberteh discovered 'The Brew Master’s Secret' while the winner of Season four, Dominic Mudabai, ended the ‘Search for the Golden Age.'
Michael Nwachukwu found 'The Lost Chronicle' in Season five while Uche Nwaezeapu found 'The Horn of Valour' a year later in the sixth Season. Gulder upped the Ultimate Search’s ante when it hosted the Celebrity Edition which featured an array of Nigeria’s best musical and movie stars. Ace Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, found the ‘Golden Goblet’.
Oyekunle Oluwaremi emerged 'The Ultimate Hero' in Season Seven while Christopher Okagbue defeated 29 other contestants to win Season Eight’s ‘Contest of Champions’. Paschal Eronmose, the reigning ‘Ultimate Champion’, found the ‘Gatekeeper’s Fortune in Season Nine.
According to Emmanuel Agu, Marketing Manager, Gulder, Legend and Life, Nigerian Breweries Plc., Gulder’s ‘Unending Search’ documentary, feature the reality TV programme’s selection processes, participants, memorable moments, evictions, the terrain of the various locations, the tasks, winners on each season of GUS, amongst other elements.
He said: “There is no better way to whet the appetite of viewers for the 10th anniversary edition than to revamp the elements of the previous nine seasons, including the celebrity edition. The past episodes have evoked feelings of nostalgia, judging by some of their comments.”
In commemoration of Gulder Ultimate Search’s 10th edition, the ‘Ultimate’ brand will reward viewers of this year’s edition of the reality TV show. Tagged Gulder Ultimate Search 10 ‘Fans Edition’, viewers have to watch episodes of ‘The Unending Search’ documentary for possible clues. Continuously and consistently solving the clues will ultimately earn a lucky viewer a brand new Mitsubishi Pajero 3.0L GLX MT jeep.
Other mouth-watering prizes up for grabs are tablet PCs, dual-sim Android phones, DSTV walkas, Gulder gift packs and recharge cards.
The Unending Search’ is currently airing on Africa Magic World on DSTV, Real Times on Star Times, WAP TV on Star Times, Ebony Life on DSTV, ESBS by 10 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, between August 17 and September 29. The programme will be also be aired on AIT network within this period, by 10:30pm.