Second Set Of Winners Emerge in “33” Export Crack the Code Promo

Three friends – Oladejo Dayo, Kayode Olumuyiwa, and Adefemi Ojo have emerged as the latest group of friends to ‘Crack the Code’ in the “33” Export Lager national consumer promo.

Dare Olateju, brand manager, Consolidated Breweries plc, said the emergence of this new set of winners had increased consumers passion and efforts at jointly cracking the code with the possibility of being the next set of friends to benefit in this promo. Two weeks ago, it was the lucky trio of Vincent Nwawueze, Chibuike Oguamanam, and Ahamaeze Ikechukwu from Owerri that cracked the code and became the first set of three friends to win the grand prize in the promo, which started June 7, and ends August 11, 2013.

From East to West, South to North, those that have won different categories of prizes ranging from free airtime, Blackberry phones, LED TVs and 7KVA generators are still savouring their moments of winning and some still hoping to go for the big win of N3 million through the combined efforts of friends who bring their three crown corks together.

At the presentation of cheques to the latest winners, at Tem D Pavilion, Ogba, Lagos, Tuesday, the elated friends who were obviously in joyous mood throughout the redemption party were full of praise for “33” Export. Asked how they came together, an excited Olumuyiwa said we were not especially drinking to win the prize but the moment I had “friendship” and I got to know that Adefemi had “code,” I became more interested while my hope heightened. This was further sealed when Oladejo called to say that he got the “of” making it “Code of Friendship.” We were all elated and it has really brought us together more than ever.

To participate in the promo, consumers are to buy a bottle of “33”Export Lager beer, look for the unique code under the crown cover, send the unique code via SMS to the short code 39405.